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  1. I got mine from the Hockey Hall of Fame about 4 years ago but it is not a game worn one.
  2. Apart from TSN where else would we be able to find out about the result, or is TSN the place??
  3. Bug

    Gomez Could Break Bank

    I fully agree - here here than fan
  4. Well after looking through the games it looks like my games for next year are sorted (please note, my husband is a Flyers fan hence the games in Philly) Seven games in 9 days including a double header on April Fools day 30-Mar-07 Devils v Flyers 7:30 PM ET 31-Mar-07 Islanders v Senators 7:00 PM ET 1-Apr-07 Devils v Bruins 12:30 PM ET 1-Apr-07 Rangers v Maple Leafs 7:00 PM ET 3-Apr-07 Islanders v Rangers 7:30 PM ET 5-Apr-07 Flyers v Devils 7:00 PM ET 7-Apr-07 Flyers v Islanders 1:00 PM ET What more could you want for
  5. Bug

    Thank you Devils thread

    I was thinking much the same lines myself. I would have done anything if someone said we were to get knocked out of the semi finals by Carolina at the beginning of the season. The team have proved that even though we have lost some influential team players they can still play with all their heart and soul and make their fans so proud of them. What an awesome year, thank you
  6. Okay folks. it is 2.35am, the Devils have just proved they did not want to win this series and with that I am going to head to bed.
  7. I agree, we showed yesterday we can play and win against Carolina, why we could not have done that Wednesday night I don't know
  8. Can I ask a question, do our guys think they are playing in Red tonight as they are making tape to tape perfect passes to the Cains, and I am sorry but that is not going to win us a game if they keep doing that
  9. I am not quite sure what has happened to the powerplay but I wish they would sort it out. It is not the Caines have a good PK it is our PP that sucks. The intensity it there but I think it will come down to in the end who wants it more, and at the moment I hate to say this but I think Carolina have the edge
  10. I will second that one Where were these guys on wednesday night when we needed them
  11. I don't know what Scotty said to the guys but whatever it was it has worked wonders, lets keep this up for another two periods and I will be one happy bunny
  12. I agree, I am so nervous but I also know there is nothing I can do to changed what happens apart from sit there and scream at the TV
  13. Bug


    They are showing the game live on NASN tonight at 8pm so I will be sat watching with fingers and toes and anything else I can crossed LETS GO DEVILS, LETS GO.....
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