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  1. I agreed with the no goal call myself. So while I wanted a Devils goal; the replay worked here.
  2. If you told me Palmieri would stop scoring and Camm would be hurt and not playing, I could not imagine the Devils would then go through one of their best winning stretches.
  3. I'll say nobody after Elias. I think there will be people that wouldn't even say yes to Elias and I don't think anyone comes close to Elias in terms of likelihood.
  4. 5 goal game for Sarnia and Zacha only has 1 assist but still gets 2nd star? Must have been a beast out there.
  5. I hope it does affect his trade value enough that the Devils can make a winning offer.
  6. 4 seems like a lot when we see pretty bad elbows, checks from behind, or slew footing not even get minor penalties at times. Consistency is always hard for sports leagues and it stinks when your team is on the bad end of the consistency.
  7. The big risk is you have an injury that costs you any NHL contract. There aren't many NHL teams that could give Wood a quicker path to the NHL either, imo.
  8. West coast trip should just be ignored, imo. History tells us that trip is hard even on good Devils teams.
  9. Matteau should get to the point the Devils could send him down for conditioning for 2 weeks. Then he can come up in game shape and try and grab a spot.
  10. I'll go against the grain. Elias was really good just 2 years ago, I won't be surprised if he is effective this season.
  11. The NHL doesn't have that as part of the rule. It's probably considered too hard a judgement call.
  12. Why not? Kinkaid is blatantly impeded trying to move to make a save.
  13. There used to be a rule the goalie can't leave a standing position. Supporting the butterfly style of goaltending means you're in support of radical rule changes. jk
  14. There have been other fundamental changes to hockey, some larger than the net size being changed. Heck, we are really just talking about reverting back to the shooters having the same amount of open net to score on as they used to. The larger net can be viewed as both a radical change and a return to a more traditional form of hockey.
  15. Blandisi and Lorito's shot rates are way below what I would have guessed.
  16. They actually shrunk the neutral zone twice in the late 80s. I think that hurt the game. They realized the first shrinking was too drastic so they reverted slightly to a less shrunk neutral zone.
  17. Bigger ice probably leads to less goals. The game is played along the perimeter before heading inwards, so putting the perimeter further from the net decreases scoring. A bigger rink that shrunk the offensive zones vertically while increasing the neutral zone vertically would probably increase scoring though. We can partially already do that without changing the rink dimensions though.
  18. It's not totally about being pretty but right now, for me, too much of hockey is just throwing pucks towards the net and hoping it deflects off somebodies leg in a way that benefits your team. Dave Andreychuk didn't score a lot of pretty goals but he was scoring more than others due to his unique skills I would like a larger gap in goals and points between the best and worst players maybe is a better way to say how I feel.
  19. For me, there are too many luck based goals and not enough skill based goals. This does likely lead to more league parity and less teams seeming awful, so maybe the owners/GMs secretly like that.
  20. Moving him to forward is just as odd as playing him but then not using him on the PP.
  21. And the excuse most times is he has never been suspended so he gets the benefit of the doubt due to clean record.
  22. I thought Blandisi would stay but am not that concerned that he didn't. He will still be learning, playing against men, at the ahl or nhl level.
  23. Boucher also had a good 20 year old season in the AHL. I've seen people say this is the do or die time for Boucher but I think some get a little impatient because they've heard his name for a bunch of years. This is only his 22 year old season coming up and even if Boucher ends up in the AHL again, I'd be pretty content about his future if he put up a solid season down there.
  24. I've always heard goat head. Wiki goes with that too. I'm guessing, since it's an old legend, there are many versions. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jersey_Devil
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