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  1. Well apparently he has passed/failed, depending on your opinion. He has slept with that many women, supposedly not since he has been with Ms. Tweed. Then shortly after that happened someone came forward with a sex tape...so obviously the results of the test could be bunk anyway. Not to mention not a pretty sight....him porking some big breasted blond in his t-shirt and socks. I don't get the whole leaving your socks on thing. Plus, as a woman, I would have to say that he disappointed a good 5,000 women...he about passed out on the poor girl. Ms. Tweed gets paid dearly for that torture, I surely hope the blond got a fat check also!!
  2. Heh, age is nothing. ND5 is 5 days older then my little brother. We have a 4 year age gap. See the edirty old woman doesn't dance all night....she trains the ejailbait to do it for her!!
  3. How dorky is it that you posted right after me?? Like I can't start a topic without you giving a review!!
  4. Actually he was lucky enough to get the whole package. We have a 7 year old daughter and a 3 year old son.
  5. So you finlly came in to clear things up....now we all look stupid So much for my deductive reasoning
  6. OK...I.....feeel...better now*sniffle*
  7. devilinmyside

    Ze Frank

    This guy is a great alternative to watching the "real" news. Ze Frank
  8. devilinmyside


    As with everything else in this world things change. Before an impressive well stocked resume was what got you in. Now though they say to keep it short and sweet. I recently had a work related seminar that dealt with this. Some good advice....list no more then 10 attributes about yourself, list only jobs you have had that pertain to this one ie. they dont care if you worked as a janitor they, are looking for a computer tech. Do not over embellish it's long and boring and people don't give a poo. Anyway they must be super anal to ask for a resume for an internal opening....fun for you!
  9. I mean what could go wrong....they are both devils fans right??
  10. I met my husband online. It seemed to have worked for us. Though we never edated, we just chatted once, met the next day and have been living with each other ever since.
  11. Hey there masked wonder... I am new and I am not sure about all of you guys and your odd behavior. So now you have officially hurt my feelings. Look what you have done... I will go cry now!!
  12. I will give him that, Newark is a beautiful city. Do I think anyone should spend a good chunk of their spare time writing about it and looking at maps and drawing all over them.....not exactly. But everyone has their own little quirks. I was always interested in hockey but I can't ice skate. I can roller blade and roller skate though. We played a lot of floor hockey when I was in school. I loved it! Best sport ever. As for watching it... I can't really get into watching any sport on t.v. I would rather be out playing a sport. As for seeing it live, that is a whole different story. I would love to go see the Devil's live. I was a big fan of the local college here and would go to their games. So I guess I am a devils fan by default. Although he has yet to take me to get pizza and fried chicken!!
  13. Well I am also new, so welcome fellow noobie!
  14. devilinmyside


    Well sammyk, my husband and I make a great resume team. His writing is phenomenal and I know how to turn glitter into gold. So what exactly do you need help with?
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