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  1. Did Parise score a goal that the refs, goal judge, and pretty much eve

    I have freeze framed through it and although it might not mean anything now, it looks goal-like to me. If you look at the shadow underneath the puck, the shadow is in the net, directly under the puck. If the puck was in the crease, flying in the air over it, the shadow of the puck would have been in the crease. Since the lights are directly above, it wouldn't make the shadow at a weird angle. The puck was a mere inch off the ice in the back of the net and the shadow is right underneath it. For about 3 or 4 frames, that puck is in the net, with the shadow directly underneath it. Right after it, while the goalie's leg is about 2 inches off the ground in the crease, you clearly see his leg is making a shadow, in the crease. What's above the crease will make a shadow over it. What's in the net will make a shadow in the net.
  2. Reasons why the Devils will win the Cup

    Why the Devs will win the Cup: Because it's been too long since we brought one home. Why the Devs will not win the Cup: To torture us for another summer.
  3. NHL.com Celebrity Blogs

    DEVS25, to answer your question about Dave Annabelle, last I heard, yes, he was going out with Kate Walsh. I absolutely know way too much celebrity gossip. I think I have too many magazine subscriptions.
  4. Carolina @ Devils Game 3 7PM ET, OLN/TSN, WFAN

    LET'S GO DEVILS! I've got 15 minutes to eat dinner so it can digest enough before the game so I don't during the first period! Welcome Back Whitey!!

    Are we still talking about facial hair?

    Therapy Buddies!!! "everything is going to be alright"
  7. 6 Reasons Why New Jersey Will Win Tomorrow

    Great post! I also agree with being incredibly frustrated at seeing the 'interesting' line combinations. Hope it works like charm.
  8. LET'S GO DE-VILS!!!

    Just a show of support? Better than throwing a dumb-ass octopus,(octopi?) don't you think?
  9. No Sympathy For The Devils

    Not more of this whole stealing thing. More like took what was rightfully ours.
  10. Carolina's practice at CAA

    Too funny! And too true!!!

    I was feeling down and out this morning too. Decided to just be all like, whatever. But I came on here and caught the rally itch. I couldn't help it, it's contagious. When I saw there were so many people that just hadn't given up, I had renewed hope. It'll happen for you, too. At least promise to try and wake up tomorrow feeling all 'hockey galore'!

    About time! I need to see a win. Got good and spoiled. Now that I remember what it feels like to lose I'd rather forget. it's on for Game 3!!
  13. No Sympathy For The Devils

    Aw, hell, noooooooooo!!! I'll always hold that near and dear to my heart, no matter what happens now. It's just something you can't take away from me.

    So now we'll win right??
  15. Devils @ Carolina Game 2 ECSF, 7:30 PM ET, OLN/TSN, WFAN

    I don't think Hale's getting enough minutes. I don't know about everyone else but I think he's a solid defenseman. And with the way Raffi's been "mucking it" a bit lately, maybe we can get Hale out there a bit more. I'd actually rather see Hale than Luko but I know that's just me. And geez, Klee, less please!!!