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  1. Are you going to the garden for the road games?

    I'll be in my friends corporate box for all games at MSG.
  2. Thirsty at the Rock

    Where is the Hefeweizen at? And I thought the goal bar was limited admission (as in club seats only)?
  3. Single Game Suites?

    I've been in the Trilex box this year, Prudential has the best boxes around. I was looking at the food prices, they are ridiculous, like previously stated it'd cost $1,500 to feed 20 people. A SIX PACK of BUD, is something like $35. Although its expensive, those seats feel like you're in your living room. It's nice how they extend out into the stands, makes you feel like you're actually at the game, but at the same time it's got the luxury aspect.
  4. Where were you/what were you doing...

    I was 9 years old, sitting in my living room not really knowing who or what the Devils were...just my father telling me it was big deal. That warm June night was what sparked my love for the Devils and hockey.
  5. Big Congrats to the Clemmer

    Whats with every goalie these days wearing #30...?
  6. Divisional Match-ups

    I love white at home, I wish they'd bring it back. Maybe it's just because I was so used to it for so many years.
  7. Who should go

    Sutter is the best coach the Devils have had since Pat Burns, if they lose him they might not find anyone like him again. Elias is on his second season of poor performance.
  8. The plus (+) minus (-) of The ROCK

    +1 for the Jimenez cigar stand.

    In my 15 years of watching this team, this is probably 1 of 5 games where I've walked out early. The game was like a heartless practice, if that.
  10. Bars

    Does anyone know? The website is vague. I'm still wondering about the terrace and goal bar seating.
  11. Experience @ the Arena...Opening NIght

  12. Bars

    So after last night, anyone know what the true deal with the bar access is? All season ticket holders, only full season, club seats only? What about the restaurant and the goal bar, same rules? Also how do you get tickets for terrace tables and goal bar seats?
  13. Experience @ the Arena...Opening NIght

    Overall my experience was great. I took the train to Broad St. and got on the free shuttle to the arena. It dropped us off round 6pm at the entrance under the offices, it only took a few minutes to get it in and the crowd wasn't bad. Everything looked great, the views were spectacular, and the entire place has just such a great hockey presence. 3 things that I did not like: 1.) At least on the lower concourse the food lines were SLOW, even though they were short. 2.) The Devils Den stores were so small it was a joke. 3.) My friend wanted to go outside to smoke, so I went with him figuring I'd get a nice walk around of the arena. The battle to the ONLY smoking area was like navigating through CAA once again. You had to go all the way out to one of the cylinders to smoke. Once out there I was talking to one of the workers who said that there are balconies outside, but you are not allowed to use them. This just brings me to the point that it seems like this place needs more space for non-club seat holders to go. With so many food vendors on the concourse area, theres no real good place to socialize or eat outside of your seats...unless of course you've got the premium tickets to enter the lounges, bar, restaurant etc... On a better note, I felt the arena staff was superb. The food vendors were a different story, not pleased with them. The staff members were very helpful and friendly. I even had some small talk about the inner workings of the arena with one (guy in the black suit jacket... security guards?). This is a great new arena, and I think once they work the minor kinks out it will truly be even better. I also kept in mind that tonight was opening night and it was a full house which accounted for the crowding. So many in future games it'll be easier to get around.
  14. $10 Tickets on Opening Night

    I'm going to go, because right now it's the only remote shot I have at going to opening night.
  15. Individual Tickets

    What exactly is this Dec 7th Stevens HOF night at the rock?