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  1. white gold! off to go stand in the hut at queens village waiting for a problem to start.

  2. sixteen in the clip and one in the hole, Mike Mottau about to make some bodies turn cold

  3. hope all of you NJ commuters have a fun PM rush, overhead wires down at PORTAL bridge NJT and Amtrak completely stabbed between NYP and Newark for the PM rush hour, PATH is cross honoring fares. Glad my mess is on this side of the river

    1. njskaguy33


      As a former NY to NJ commuter, I feel everyone's pain who has to go through this tonight!

    2. DevilMinder


      Was very strange to see so many idle trains at Princeton Junction.

    3. Souray44


      Work in NYC...Thankfully I was able to leave at 4:30 cause I had to make a Doctor's appointment with my wife for our baby. Wife is 13 weeks, all is well. Made my trains just in time.

  4. DC industrial band Bodycop thanks the 2010 capitals on their new tape, Bodycop likes being beat by the 8th seed.

  5. this seasons theme song is def "wheelchair epidemic"

  6. reading todays weather watch service cuts memo makes me think back to the days of trudging through 3 feet of snow to find a busted air hose across keating summit at 3am. little rain never hurt nobody.

  7. actually everyone bleeds red

    1. Colin226


      That's the joke haha!

  8. what a strange summer, i've actually checked this site every day

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