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  1. Clemmy does exactly what he needs to do, he holds down the fort when Marty cant. I think he didnt do all that bad when Marty was hurt earlier this year and he showed up big on Dano night. He's probably got job security, and hey who wouldnt want to just chill next to the rest of the guys during games?
  2. I've been following the devils since day one. The year was 1982 and me, a young hockey fan who was disenfrancished with the Islanders after my favorite player (Chico!) was traded, I saw this new team, they had pretty cool uniforms and guess whos in the cage? None other then Mr Resch. "Hey screw the isles" my young self thought. I grew up watching the team, While everyone I knew was a Rags or Islanders fan I was rooting for this upstart team out of jersey, I watched Johnny Mac put the goal past the blackhawk goalie in 88, I watched every game of that amazing playoff run, I was sitting in my sweaty Long Island Apartment on a sticky june evening watching the seconds tick down to 0 and Doc proclaiming "The championship to New Jersey..." I jumped in the air and pumped my fist in joy when Arnott burried the puck in 2000 to end the series with Dallas, I was in a rocking meadowlands as the last seconds of the third ticked away in 2003 and Dano held up the cup for the last time. Out of all the teams I've followed over the years, the Devils have provided the best memories of them all. Even if somehow there is no longer a Devils franchise I will allways have the memories of watching the team go from a "Mickey mouse operation" to a 3 cup winning juggernaut, from the days of Johnny Mac, Driver and Verbeek to Gionta, Gomez and Patty, from the days of Chico to Marty... Anyway this is getting way to sappy. Allways rooting for the Red and White. -Deke
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