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  1. Deke

    Zharkov MIA

    whats the hard-on with this guy, he sucks.
  2. boring. you sit through some of the seasons i've had to sit through and this is nothing more then a goddamned bump in the road.
  3. last years home opener against philly when the devils were down like 4-1 after the second or something they had the kids out on the ice and some kid scored on a 50-60 foot breakaway, he got bigger cheers then most of the stuff the team did that night.
  4. yo ungar a plane flew over my house and was releasing CHEMTRAILS should i fear for my life
  5. its a conspiracy and all sports are pre determined
  6. Deke


    Hell yes. I can honestly call D.O.A one of my all-time favorite bands. My first real exposure to recorded music was my fathers Albert Alyer LP's as a young boy, abrasion in music has always been most attractive to me, and I reached the right age when all the touch and go "pigfvck" bands started to get big (and just in time to see bands like black flag and the minutemen), followed was the first wave of amrep bands. For years I traded tapes with a dude in England, that's how I learned about bands like Whitehouse and Swell Maps and the like. One of the best trades I ever made with that bloke was swapping the first two dope guns and fvcking in the streets comps for taped copies of the entire whitehouse discography and 20 jazz funk greats on vinyl.
  7. Deke


    can't throw rocks without a tree to hide behind, heres my recent most played on my i-tunes: Pygmy Shrews - noise punk from brooklyn Exclaim - japanese hardcore circa mid 90's Prurient - brutal power electronics Grunt - see above and the posted video Whitehouse - see above Christian Death - "death rock" i guess, CD were just a punk band with dark overtones as far as i'm concerned Wire - post punk legends The Dicks - arguably the best band from texas Throbbing Gristle - industrial introduction Twin Stumps - punishing noise rock from brooklyn
  8. Deke


    "fvck compose, fvck melody, Dedicated to no one, Thanks to no one, ART IS OVER" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Ik_h38ONvs&feature=related
  9. Deke


    brainbombs have any swedish metal posers by the sack.
  10. Deke


    hey look sackless 90's britpop but in 2010. hell. no.
  11. cannot hate on reading, was my only outlet for live hockey when I lived there. same could be said for the hershey bears.
  12. this is entering my day to day lexicon
  13. Deke

    Food at the Rock

    as long as that pizza place up in the 200's is still there
  14. be happy the game is even on TV, i remember the days when you could go 3-4 games without them being on TV old man deke grumble grumble grumble back to my woodshop
  15. Deke


    Wavves and Dirty Projectors might be the two worst bands going. Ditched my Swans tix last night to watch the season opener, but the DVR is gonna have to record tonights game. Ready to get pounded into submission M. Gira style.
  16. Attention all planets of the Solar Federation: We have assumed control
  17. I found a buyer for my Swans tix I bought before the sced was announced, pounding some black and tan and watching this one from home 2nite.
  18. we always playin the stars early in the season Lets Go Devils break faces do thangs in 2010-2011
  19. that'd be a button for the legendary stiff records mister
  20. well i guess the refs can play games instead of the players if there is one now
  21. reading todays weather watch service cuts memo makes me think back to the days of trudging through 3 feet of snow to find a busted air hose across keating summit at 3am. little rain never hurt nobody.

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