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  1. poisler

    Devils Army Rig

    I'm ok with it. Not a bad marketing idea. I would have preffered that they called it "The Devil's Minions" and have Mr. Devil chased around the rock by a hundred midgets dressed as lil' devils before game time.
  2. poisler

    CBK vs Malmo

    I can't understand a word they're saying. I didn't think that I was that hung over...
  3. Bingo! I agree. I think the two center faces should be Lou and Stevens.
  4. poisler

    I Was Wondering

    Was Langs the only one to blame for the playoff failure?? Nope. Was he a big part of it? Yup. I think Langs time as a Devil is done. If not, I hope he is not captain next season. By pouting and whining at the end of last season he proved that he should not be captain. True leaders do not whine about the system on the eve of battle. They make suggestions afterwards.
  5. Good! Now we can finally get past the 2nd round.
  6. Totally off topic, but are you from Chicago? Does Cook County Jail have a bad reputation or something? I was in there last month and it didn't seem too bad. Just wondering.
  7. poisler


    What do you guys think? I think it's pretty cool that he finally got the cup after losing two finals in a row. Especially considering that he was with Pit when they lost to Det 2 years ago. Then he lost when he was in Det and Pit beat them a year ago. I'm actually happy that he finally got the cup. Think of the odds. Has there ever been a player that has played on three teams in three years that have reached the SC finals during that time??
  8. So do I. But, we have to be realistic. They may win tonight's game, but I don't see them repeating 2000's performance. It was a different situation back then. They were playing to get in to the SC finals. This time around it's just the first round. If they lose this series, I think the players will delude themselves into thinking that they were just unlucky. That being said.... LET'S GOOOOOOO DEVILS!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Good article! I couldn't agree with you more.
  10. poisler


    For your reference...
  11. Yes please. Pointing out two playoff runs in Elias' long career does not make it obvous. I think that is the point he was trying to make. He doesn't need a brilliant mind, the stats are out there. He was just pointing out the fallacy of comparing two playoff runs against many many more.
  12. Maybe it is fatigue. But if it's about him not getting along with JL, then it's time to man up Nancy. A true leader doesn't put his gripes with the coach ahead of the team. If he were benched during the playoffs or had his minutes greatly reduced maybe he would have a gripe. But it still doesn't forgive the fact that he's the Captain and should lead by example. His pouting doesn't help. This! Better than I could say it. +1
  13. poisler


    I love Clarkson and what he brings to the team. This is NOT a post bashing him. Has anyone else noticed that on every close up of Clarkson after a whistle he looks soooo confused. His eyes are wide open and he's looking all over the place like he just lost something? Maybe he's just looking around to make sure he's not going to get hit, but I find it comical.
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