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    Bridgeport(Home of the Sound Tigers), Connecticut
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    Hockey...duh,New York Yankees, New Jersey Devils!!, and Joshua James <3

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  1. wow this is really belated but happy bday haha =]
  2. haha welcome =] you couldve made another thread though....mightve been easier. =P
  3. I whine in my facebook statuses? ehhh i do alot when away from home. =]
  4. haha i love crasher....a little bit. other times he makes me want to =]
  5. i had a problem with ordering xmas gifts online too.....ridiculous.
  6. haha hater!! thats all you are crasher. but i still slightly love you =P
  7. oh please...you know you would stalk me if i ever went to a game. haha. dont hate.
  8. We're all excited for HP right? Right. lol
  9. haha you sure? juggalos = horrorcore rap like icp, dark lotus and what not ... and lisa = valley girl? i dont know about that one. haha
  10. haha yeah i was talkin about my bf and farts being unstinky? crasher we wont even get on that subject. hahah hes a juggalo...hes a nasty dude =P
  11. Haha if you want to. You might like him.
  12. haha yeah i made a thread saying i was back. =] its over in introduce yourself. nice to see you too sammy.
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