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  1. ok if you insist sundstum. . . But in reality, I havent been around not due to the Devils slipping in recent years, more due to family and life changes. . . But it is good to see a young energetic team that if only for the first 3 games is fun / exciting to watch. . . Hopefully we just continue to see growth and development. . .
  2. I agree, i am sure Kromwell was taking a bit of a run at him, but if Kucherov has his head up it isnt nearly as big or even a question of suspendable. As it is I cant see a suspension from that hit. . .
  3. Well hopefully their early season road success continues. I know its early but this team does seem to be pretty comfortable playing on the road. . .
  4. Yes Happy Belated to Marty, and Me lol (I share his birthday)
  5. PaDevsFan


    Not worried about the Flyers, the point was watching another of our favorites go to a perennial RIVAL! Thats what would be so difficult.
  6. PaDevsFan


    Driving into work this morning I am switching back and forth on the radio stations and I listen to sports radio some of the time. Well this morning the "Philly Sports talk show" had Keith Jones on (who works part time for the station, as well as doing the national things for NBC) Well they were discussing Jagr and how he is probably going to test free agency and the Flyers wont be pursuing him too hard. The thing is Jones said part of the reason is the Flyers are going to take a hard run at Zach. And that Zach will look at playing with Giroux as a big bonus. god help me. I dont know what will be worse if he doesnt resign here will it be signing with the Rags or the Cryers. I will be disturbed heavily if I have to watch Comcast (living in this market) and see him wearig the Flyers colors!!! I pray Lou gets this done!!!
  7. I totally love this team and as many have pointed out it is OUR TEAM to remember. This team has so much heart and determination!! Huge underdogs against Philly and even losing the first game coe back rto show the world a new brand of Devils Hockey. Again underdogs to the Rangers down 1 - 0 and 2 - 1 in the series come back to beat our main Rivals!! While we came just a bit short I love what this team accomplished and how this team played during this run. Congrats to all the Players and Coaches as well as Lou for a Great Fun season!!!
  8. Very true no matter what they or anybody says the pressure has to be on them!! Playing at home , in no way wanting a game 7 on the road as we dismissed their "road invincibility" last game. They know that already forcing a game 6 when down 3 - 0 hasnt been done in many many years so I have to beleive we have them thinking and they will be squeezing their sticks pretty tightly. If Marty plays like he did te last 2 games we will have a game 7. GO DEVILS bring it back to Newark for the final game!!!
  9. If Zach leaves and they dont sign a character guy to wear the C I would easily give it to Zajac. when healthy he is one of the best players on the team ALL AROUND Defensively as well as offensively.
  10. C to Kovy??? I hope you are kidding. . .
  11. Problem is we dont have anybody to do that. . . I totally agree though he needs to get te crap kicked out of him. Lord knows we are without a real Physical presence. Clarkson who used to play witha chip and throw his body around has become a 30 goal scorer now (in his mind too)
  12. Add Clarkson, Zubrus, Zidlicky, Fayne and whoever else you may want to throw in . . .
  13. I totally agree with this thread. We have not gotten 1 SINGLE BOUNCE this series. Wathcing that 5 - 3 powerplay last night. . . the chances we had and didnt score??? I told my son we are in trouble (when we didnt get the bounces there). I still think we can make a series about it but we ned to make some of our own luck here too. By that I mean we have had a lot of the better play especially in games 1 and 2 and even for stretches last night. Now its time to make a few needed changes. Sykora comes in and Kovy sits. He has been REALLY BAD this series. Obviously he is hurting but he needs to sit for now. Larsson in and Harrold or Zidlicky comes out 1 or the other. . . We need to change it up a bit. I also limit Clarkson's ice time he has been BAD this series as well. . . Parise needs to step up as the Captain and get it done now. 4 shots last night but he needs to BURY 1!!! Go Devils 1 game at a time!!! We cannot get swept by this team show something here!!
  14. I totally agree, and in Game 1 we were controlling the OT and had several good chances to score before a "questionable" line change allowed Kopitar to get a semi breakaway on Marty. And in Game 2 we were clearly the better team for most of that game. It is easy to say games can go either way but in this case it is absolutely true. Anybody who watched these 1st two games that doesn't think we are right there with them is not watching the same games. Tonight it would be nice to take the 1 - 0 lead rather than claw at trying to tie it up. We take a lead then maybe we will see a few chinks in their supposed armor. . .
  15. Really. . . While we had several players not show up tonight this game was there for the Devils to still win which realy tels me alot. the main thing being the Kings didnt look great either. . . Fayne misses wide open net, Clarkson misses open net shoots over thegoal, etc. We had many opportunities to win this game even though being outplayed for several stretches. When the Devils decided to play a bit late in the second and early third the Kings had no answer. . . Remember we lost game one to the Flyers and game 1 tot h Rags and were down 3 - 2 to Florida. LaST NIGHT DOES NOT SPELL gLOOM BY ANY STRETCH!!!
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    HEre is a quick note... Last night as I am watching the intermission report between the 3rd and OT, I am listening to the NBC sports lapdogs talk about how resilient the Rangers were oh they could have folded when being down 2 - 0 and here they are having the Devils on their heels etc etc. Lets take a look at a real resilient Team!! The Devils lose the first game to the Flyers a team they were heavy under dogs against and then what?? only go on to win 4 in a row. . . Then oh go against one of if not the best Goalie in the league and go down 1 to nothing then 2 - 1 then win 3 in a row. that is a resilient team!! Now I am sure we will hear all about the Kings and their incredible ride, but they havent faced a team that when they are going can forecheck like this team and WITH 4 LINES!! I am so excited right now!! P.S. one other note I hope everyone noticed how happy Parise looked talking to Pierre before the presentation of the trophy. . . This can only help his decision to re sign here. . .
  17. Unfortunately I think you are right, all the talk in Philly is there is more coming. ANother trade possibly now that they have a bunch of picks or a signing as they certainly cleared some cap sapce.
  18. You are too funny. Let me address this bunch of dribble. First and foremost sir you should take an anoatomy course you need to learn where a human's head is located, and what constitutes the head. Last time I checked the chin is part of the head. So one more time so even a person who doesnt understand anatomy can understand the CHIN is part of the head, and Rome's shoulder clearly, CLEARLY hit Horton's CHIN. That is first, second, it wasnt charging?? Here is another lesson for you... Straight from the NHL Rulebook. 42.1 Charging - A minor or major penalty shall be imposed on a player who skates or jumps into, or charges an opponent in any manner. Did he not jump into?? YES HE WAS CLEARLY off his feet, so again you need to understand the rule before you call someone retarded. Lastly, no one is saying a player should not expect to get hit GOOF, what is being said is that when a player has already passed the puck he should not at that point have to worry about being blindsided What is so hard for you to understand about that?? Would Steven's have hit him? Maybe maybe not, it all depends because Stevens wanted to seperate players from the puck like Lindros (who had his head down) In this case Horton had already released the puck. Please try and get facts straight before calling people names next time...
  19. wait so let me understand this then... so watching the Sedins cry and whine and hold their faces everytime they are breathed upon is what is fun about hockey?? Watching Kessler throw cross checks to a players upper chest and near the face and then WHEN CHALLENGED wuss out is what is fun? Well I guess you are right then we have different interpretations of what is fun about the game. To me I have no problem with stick work hard hits etc, but when you want to play like that then BE A MAN and step up when challenged. Thomas to me is what is FUN about hockey. whacking Burrows after Burrows bumped him was great, then going right after him as well as putting Sedin on his arse! That is HOCKEY!
  20. Fighting for the puck??? He was skating up ice with it nobody around until Stevens hit him. If he was fighting for the puck with nobody harrassing him then he shouldnt be playing at the NHL level. And they teach kids alot younger than my son to skate with the puck with their head UP! The Boston player had delivered the puck and should not have had to worry about a blind side hit at that point. By the way watch the Stevens hit on Kariya again Pepper, and please tell me where you see him leave his feet, because I just watched it multiple times and for the life of me cant see him "launching himself" at Kariya. He hit him and it may have been late like the boston hit, but no leaving of the feet!
  21. Whatever, the hit was late and head contact. the bottom line is when Lindors got leveled he was CARRYING THE PUCK!!! It is a bit different. He should expect to get hit especially skating with his head down carrying it. Horton had long delivered the pass and was in a more relaxed state and to get blindsided with sholder to chin?? Are you serious comparing that to Stevens??
  22. Yes in this series I am a Boston Fan. But I think you know well enough my allegience to the Devils is clear. Chara was not head contact he pushed him into the support where the player hit his head but Chara didnt drive his head into the support. ANds say what you want the Canuck player hit shoulder to chin, and the last time I checked the chin is part of the head. The Canucks are a bunch of wuss players diving every chance they get (Sedins) And Kessler (whoI did have respect for) first walked away when Thorton challenged him in the Sharks series now he wants to cross check Bergeron at center ice, use his stick all night and when Chara confronts him he skates away like a GIRL!! Pepper, I love hits, I loved Scott Stevens as a player, I loved the way Daneyko played the game, but this Canucks team has lost all my respect. IN reality Boston could easily be up 3 - 1 or even have swept this series with the way the Canucks won the first two. Boston is now motivated so I guess I will thank Vancouver for that, and hopefully now goes up there and chases Luongo again!
  23. Well watch it again, he also clearly launched himself (LEFT HIS FEET) as he made impact!! That is DIRTY and a charge! The video clearly shows him off of his feet!
  24. Yeah you are right it wasnt bad, all hits to the head are NICE... Are you gonna say he didnt make a hell of a lot of head contact with that hit???
  25. "He passes the puck and Romer steps up on him," Henrik Sedin said. "It's not like it's the blind side. I think the guy didn't even know he was there. I thought it was a good hit." This one was from Daniel the other prima donna "You try to be supportive. That's the only thing. We disagree with the decision. We thought it was a clean hit, but we can't do anything about it." WHAT A JOKE! Coming from the wuss that dives everytime he has been breathed upon this series! Didnt someone earl;ier on in this thread say the Sedins didnt condone that hit??? Sounds like they were fine with it. The Coach was yappin about how it was not suspension worthy either??? Boy I wonder if the Coach or either Sedin would be saying the same things if it was one of the Sedins that was sent to the hospital by the hit???? I have lost so much respect for that team it isnt even funny ...
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