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  1. Can anyone even remember the last time a Devil got a 5 minute game misconduct? What a fluke. So disappointing. GO DEVILS!!!
  2. Bad luck with the Bernier hit. If they get the boarding on Gionta right the Bernier hit doesn't happen. Caught the guy strange..if he doesn't get cut its only two minutes. Sucks it had to be this way. Go Devils!!!
  3. Announcers openly rooting for the Kings. LOL GO DEVILS!!
  4. fvck YES!!! WE WIN!!! GO DEVILS!!!
  5. There they are! RALLY BOOBS!!! GO DEVILS!!!!
  7. We aren't even passing anymore. Just whacking the puck around. C'mon boys! GO DEVILS!!
  8. Come on Clarkson...get one back for us. GO DEVILS!!!
  9. Kings seem to have more jump in their step, our guys look defeated and on their heels. We need a call or bounce to go our way. GO DEVILS!!!
  10. Well that didn't last long. GO DEVILS@!!
  11. HUGE BOOBS by coaches head. GO DEVILS!!
  12. ELIAS!!! Great shift by Zurus! GO DEVILS!!
  13. I agree. Getting out of that period without allowing a goal is a victory. Our guys need to find another gear I'm not sure we have (haven't seen it tonight) Bounces have all gone LAs way this series. We need a bounce to go our way. This is it. I say throw the players out there that have shown the best stuff together. Time to reach down inside and find. Elias and Gionta are the only ones I've seen with any jump tonight...maybe get them out there together. Anything. GO DEVILS!!!
  14. Kings doing a lot of diving. Glad the refs aren't buying it. Maybe b/c the series is 3-0. GO DEVILS!!
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