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  1. The guy, Lou, hopped on his private jet to personally go pick him up after trading for him. Lou knew the minute he acquired him he was recruiting him to sign with the team in the future, and recognizing the opportunity he was just handed in acquiring him for a measly 1st rounder and some scrubs. Every time he talks about Kovy's personality and his team player attitude, he has a smile and smirk on his face reminiscent to when he was at the podium stealing Parise at the 03 draft.

    As far as he's considered, he just cemented this team's offensive stars well into his retirement (barring a change in heart by Parise within this next year...which a lot will depend on how the team performs and how Johnny Mac handles the offense).

  2. huh?

    Should mean there's no indication it will be rejected, unless the NHL comes up with another blind stipulation. However, even for the NHL, we are past that point where the NHL can demand more.

    Hence the "it probably won't be announced until tomorrow" information TG got before.

  3. Hey NJay!! I had been trying to write how I appreciated Volchenkov's honesty. Respectful to Ottawa - but it feels like he's happy about being here. I mean -- it's a team with storied defencemen. I

    Hiya PK! Hope everything is well.

    I love A-Train's honesty too. Like someone else posted a couple pages back, if Lou only signed NJ first-choicers we'd have a team full of Rolstons, Brylins and Mottaus (I added that Mottau part).

    First, second, third, seventh choice. Doesn't matter. He's here and he'll help the tremendously. Like Kovy.

  4. TG tweet:

    Volchenkov admitted that his first choice was to remain with Ottawa, but the Senators' offer was "not good enough."

    So does that mean the people here who say "fvck Kovy for not having NJ be his first choice" will say the same about Volchenkov since his first choice wasn't NJ either?

    Some people just don't understand negotiations....sad...

  5. Screw all the nay sayers. He deserves is own individual recognition.

    He was the 2nd best forward out there behind Zubrus all series. He tried his butt off and either he got a point or Boucher made some good saves. He tried, but when linemates like Jamie Langenbrunner and Travis Zajac are absolutely no where to be found for another New Jersey Devils playoff series, he did the absolute best anyone could with 6 points in 5 games. If all our key guys play with the fire he had, we wouldn't be out of the playoffs right now.

    He probably isn't back, but very much enjoyed his time here.

    Thanks Kovie for at least giving me excitement! Excitement during the worst playoff performance I've ever, EVER witnessed since being a fan since the age of 8. Ever.

    The rest of the team outside of Kovie, Zubrus, Greene and Marty can all put a finger up their own ass for failing to show up in the playoffs yet again (Specifically Travis Zajac, Jamie Langenbrunner, Paul Martin, and, I hate to say it but it's true, Zach Parise). Zajac and Langenbrunner were the worst of them. Paul Martin too, if he wants more than $3.5 million he can definitely go somewhere else. He is not the 2nd coming of Scott Neidermayer, not even close.

  6. Let's not forget his back check on Umberger's shorthanded breakaway. He reached and lifted the stick of RJ's causing the turnover and the miss opportunity. He worked his butt off last night. In fact every game with the exception of the Toronto game you saw him trying very hard in all areas.

    This guy wants to win so bad.

  7. "We cannot rank Penn State University against other schools

    in the party school category because we feel it is unfair to

    rank professionals against amateurs."

    -Playboy Magazine

    Great quote NJayDevil, I am a senior at Penn State..Taking the week off of class to go to this game haha

    Excellent choice. I am just about 3 years removed from that great place known as Happy Valley.

  8. I was in LA in Feb and that city rocks! Absolutely loved it! I had been there years ago and had forgotten how awesome it is. It has everything nyc has and MORE! Mountains, ocean, cool neighborhoods and breathtaking vistas. LA competes just fine with nyc. nyc just toots its own horn louder than any other city in the world so everyone thinks it must be great. I always wonder, if nyc was all that wonderful why would it always feel the need to tout itself as "the greatest?" I love LA! The Kings are my #2 team. GO KINGS GO!

    Nah no one in LA or SoCal toot their own horn like it's the great place in the world either...

    LA doesn't even compare to NY in any way. 2 completely different cities.

  9. I have no idea how you can say Kovy was terrible out there. He was all over the ice hustling his ass off and made plays on 3 of our goals that he won't get credit for on the stat sheet. 2nd, 3rd and 4th goals.

    His presence alone backs up the D with every single rush. It's something this team has never, ever had before. He played a great game.

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