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  1. See even the conferences best team is losing 2 down there. Mini-slumps DO HAPPEN and are inevitable.
  2. It's probably time Rolston gets put back into the role he was signed for.
  3. It does trades. Got the Schneider trade texted right to my phone.
  4. Tiger is a once in a lifetime athlete and other athletes to respect him and maybe even model after him are choosing wisely.
  5. Ironically this is the game I planned to attend with 10 of my coworkers. Boy are some first-time hockey goers in for a treat if this comes true!
  6. And that penalty it sure looked like his stick got caught in the guys skate hole.
  7. I can't believe they are in first place. I still won't be surprised if they stumble at some point before/right when Marty gets back (nor will I be disappointed), but this is one of the biggest surprises ever to happen for this great franchise. I guess I underestimated this certain crop of depth, and now it just gets even better with Shanny. Tell you what, Pando is a good defensive player (obviously what he's known for), but I don't think even he does what Shanny does toward the end of the game there (with the persistent backcheck even after sliding down to make a block). Especially at the very end to chew up 10-15 seconds in the offensive zone. And JESUS MADDEN, hit Shanny with that pass to send him in all alone. But he did have a nice pass to Rolston for the 2nd goal, and a great hand pass at the end for the ENG. But damn, that pass to Shanny should have been a lay-up! haha.... Rolston-Madden-Shanny is a great line. And I'll tell you another underrated thing about Shanny's play, he is one fine dump-in-er. Good start to his season, really good start. I hope he keeps it up.
  8. ...but I just felt I'd throw a little bit more speed in there with Bobby and Ruppy. Those two were playing pretty darn well." -Sutter Unless Jay Pandolfo is referred to as Bobby by Coach Sutter, this little thread seems pretty pointless.
  9. You know Pando wouldn't be traded within conference, especially to a team with a better record even if Pando is a Boston-native. Out West you go like Johnny Mac, Chris Terreri, Brendan Morrison, Mike Rupp, Petr Sykora, etc!
  10. The Ruppster should stay, Pando or Madden should be the ones on the bubble if someone needs to go. It seems those 2 just need a change in scenery, as does the Devs with regards to them. They served their purpose for many successful years, but it feels like it's time to move on.
  11. NJayDevil

    Bobby Holik

    Pando and Holik's speed both suck. Stick handling? Both suck (a Madden and Pando 2-on-1 is probably the most uneventful and wasteful 2-on-1 in the entire NHL). However Holik just skated right around Nieder last night in the corner and shrugged his stick and body off with his immense size. Avoiding penalties. Fine Pando's got that one. It's really great to pay someone $4million dollars to just avoid penalties and be totally invisible about there 58 out of the 60 minutes. Holik adds snarl to a lineup that has lacked it since he left in '02. He provides size up the middle which has been proven to win championships and when his line gets deep into the offensive zone he can not be knocked off the puck. I write in caps for a reason, to express anger. Pandolfo is worthless to this team nowadays. Sure you might speak of loyalty, but it's impossible to be loyal to everyone. He's far overpaid, and a waste of space out there. Holik at least creates space, and is used in front of the net on a PP from time to time. A 2.5 million investment for only 2 years vs. a 4 million investment for what was is like 4 years. Imagine what Jay Pandolfo will be in 2 years? A fvcking dinosaur out there....
  12. NJayDevil

    Bobby Holik

    Holik > Pando in all aspects (physically, faceoffs, salary, humor, and usability). The only thing Pando has over Holik is he's a penalty killer, but with a 19th ranked PK he's thus useless. PANDOLFO IS A HUGE WASTE OF TIME, SPACE AND MONEY. And to a degree so is Madden now. They are just useless to this team now. They are great guys, but you can't keep every great guy that plays for the team.
  13. Clemmer has come back down to earth the past few games, but honestly did you think he was going to keep up that INSANE pace? He shouldn't be this bad for that long of a stretch though. He's fighting the puck right now, as the pucks aren't hitting him softly. Shots directly at his chest/pads he just simply can't control right now. I honestly think **rest** would help cure that. He needs to stay fresh. I love Sutter, but he's gotta understand Scott Clemmensen is NOT MARTIN BRODEUR! They don't have the same stamina. He shouldn't play against LA at all....but he probably will. He should be saved for the better opponent less than 24 hours later in Anaheim. The offense definitely hasn't been the same the past week or 2 either. However I do have faith in them turning it back around because of the caliber of players that are there. But slumps are slumps, it fvcking happens. Calm down... There is no way this team should be anywhere close to the division lead with what happened so far this year, so let's just be thankfully they have that much more breathing room.
  14. I mean if we could get a 1st rounder, how can you not pull off that deal if Marty is ready to go? This year's draft is supposed to be deep too right?
  15. Hell yea man! That would be another great atmosphere. 110,000 fans would def show up for that. It's also a very perfect location (and not because I'm a PSU alum) because State College is very close to be halfway between Pittsburgh and Philly so the "Battle of PA" would be a perfect promotion. Now if only the Trojans would ever come to PSU in the winter and play instead of their cushy Southern Cal locale, it would be a different story as well! fvcking USC....the University of Spoiled Children.
  16. What a great event that would be, but like most people say, I think it's doubtful as well. At least this early in the process of the Winter Classic. You'd figure the original six US teams will get their shot(s) first and foremost. I don't think they'd try for Giants Stadium anytime soon (new or old) either since I read the NHL will look to stay within baseball stadiums because of the flatter field (as opposed to the crowned field for football). Plus the Gmen will probably be occupying the stadium well into January for years to come. Ideally it should be the Rangers vs. Devils at Yankee Stadium and Rangers vs. Isles at Citi Field at some point. Maybe the Devils vs. Flyers at the Phillies Field (whatever it's name is, but who cares since it's Philly sports) at some point is realistic. I can definitely see Pens vs. Flyers in Pittsburgh at PNC Park with it's breathtaking views of downtown Pitt at some point as well. Regardless of who's in the Winter Classic, I'll be watching. Here are some of the potential sites I see hosting this great game for years to come: -Fenway Park -Yankee Stadium -Citi Field -PNC Park -crappy Phillies Stadium -Coors Field in Denver -**OLD** Tigers Stadium in Detroit (it's still standing and vacant), as well as their new Stadium -RFK Stadium in DC (or the Nats new Stadium) -Camden Yards -ATT Park in San Fran (though the climate might not have this one happen) I guess they'd have to go to football stadiums again at some point to avoid recurring venues, but at some point they'd run out of new venues. If I had a guess, I'd say Fenway is the next host (unless the old Yankee Stadium is still standing, though I get this feeling the Yankees are very content on having it closed out for real).
  17. I don't know about a lot of you (and I fully know Rolston needs to be a Top 6 forward at some point) but I really love the Rolston-Holik-Clarkson line. They are fantastic cyclers and just can't be knocked off the puck. I can see Little G and Rolston swapping spots at some point, though Rolston will be on his off wing. But Elias needs to stay at LW, and he needs to be with Zubrus. I absolutely love having Holik back on this team. HIs faceoff skills and his focus on getting dirty is exactly what's been missing on this team since HE lefted. That hit on Cam looked like a elbow on Cam's part as well...
  18. Clemmer could have taken care of the short side a bit better on the 2nd goal. But that's just an observation, not a complaint. He stepped up his focus and play big time in the 2nd period. I don't know how they win these certain games; I really thought it would be a dog fight for a playoff spot till Marty gets back, but if this trend continues that's definitely not the case. Though it's still 2 full months till he's back though (most likely) and their January schedule could be the toughest month of the year teams wise (Habs twice, at Boston, the west coast trip with a Canucks team + Sundin and probably Luongo at that point, and the Pens).
  19. You seriously want the NHL to revolve around the New Jersey Devils schedule around the Miami Dolphins schedule?
  20. Weekes does go down too often, and doesn't get up in time... Clemmer's fundamentals seems to be better, but who would have thought that a month ago.
  21. NJayDevil


    Gotta give it to Little G, he's proving he can still be the player of 2006. I'm biting my tongue on that one. But, I've always said Zubby and Elias belong together.
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