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  1. Oh no, Clemmer a career backup goalie let in a soft goal! Find something else wrong, someone please...
  2. It's no surprise who's at fault for the tying goal. Colin White left Booth ALL ALONE by the side of the net. Just reason #5728 of why he's overpaid, overrated, and terrible. He's the only person I have beef with.
  3. What's the channel listing for MSG2 again?
  4. NJayDevil

    Anssi Salmela

    In this special situation, it wouldn't be about the return. It would be about what's departing. Hell call it a salary dump, doesn't he make 3.5+? Salvador is light-years better at what White should do for this team.
  5. NJayDevil

    Anssi Salmela

    I think if Greene comes back healthy and can still play, Colin White should be TRADED for god sakes. Honestly, can someone just agree with me that he's be awful since 1999? Please....
  6. Why thank you sir. I live and breathe this team, just like you so we were bound to come together at some point. haha.
  7. This team is capable of hanging in there until Marty gets back for sure, when the personnel such as Holik, Rolston and Martin return. But for the past week or so, they were just simply going to lose those games. And just deal with it. The really spoiled fans need to realize there is no division or conference lead this year, it's going to be an old fashioned fight to survive. If they do make it into the dance at the end, and Marty is completely healthy and what not as well as everyone else, they can be a VERY dangerous team. Very, very dangerous because they weren't expected to be in it in the first place, and there's really nothing greater than a completely underdog Devils squad. And then there's not much worse than really spoiled Devils fans, they are EMBARRASSING!
  8. No #1 goalie, center and defenseman at the moment. But you know what, they will be in contention when Marty returns. I know it. I think this will light them up a bit. Once Rolston returns I will have even more confidence. However, there goes the division. That's something Marty brings.
  9. Hali was very lost on Toronto's 5th goal. He ended up behind the net as a winger with no Leaf around him when the puck went into the net. He traveled east/west a lot before that too in the defensive zone. That'll happen from a 18 or 19 year old or whatever he is. He def showed some other signs though. Like the goal in the first period (could have been maybe the 2nd goal) he had a great forecheck in the corner to keep the puck into the zone, and then he went for a change to get Gionta on the ice who then made that really slick move behind the net.
  10. This is exactly what they need to do. They'll end up making more money.
  11. Penn State is obviously the real deal. I want a Big 12 team to actually face a defense. GO STATE!
  12. NJayDevil

    Dear Marty:

    Don't be a spilled prick...
  13. Absolutely. He's silently a very good defensemen. Sometimes his breakout passes are too rushed/strong, esp when using the boards to get it to a winger. If he learns not to panic, he'll be that much better. From experience, panic subsides with games played. He's got a really good shot too.
  14. Yup. She's stupid and useless and a gimmick. And I'm not a kid anymore.
  15. I hope they boo the living sh!t out of her. I have faith in Philly to do that.
  16. I personally hope to see the NHL expand to Europe within 15 years. Of course getting rid of about 8 North American teams would need to happen. It would be the first of its kind and a logical step in the 21st century.
  17. G did look good on the wing. He looked more confident shooting and skating with the puck. But really anyone could look like that playing with a dominant Elias (like he was) and an aggressive Rolston (like he was also).
  18. What a waste of everyone's time.
  19. Federov reminds me of Kozlov....and it's just not the number.
  20. Totally overvaluing Brylin here. Honestly, he was very like the Devs were so loyal to him for so many years. Come on now....
  21. Luongo in his home town (and building right) is an interesting story-line... Brodeur getting the job in his going out years is interesting story-line as well....
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