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  1. I'll help you out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPad-nZqFmw And now the new single that's out Sept 29th: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeGfLf5cnuw Really awesome stuff.
  2. Moneyball is a fantastic book. Read it last summer.
  3. To be honest, I found it a little annoying to have that many defensemen in the lineup last year and especially after the trade deadline. The Devs championship teams of the past had consistent blueliners game in and game out. If Corrente is legit this year, it's just another one on that already long list. I agree with triumph about the Devs desire and plan to play 100 games this year (finally!), so I think there should be at least one person besides Corrente to fill in for the corp. I'd like to see VV hanging around, I thoroughly enjoy his physical presence and I also think it's effective (+3 vs Rags right?). The contract kinda sucks, but it's doable. Now, packaging Gionta with Brookbank and/Greene is relatively cost-effective, young and fast (Greene and Gionta). Attractive to the Panthers hopefully.... A guy like Corrente with the story and rookie talent he can bring is also crucial to a 100 game run (ala 2000).
  4. It's fun watching the rags self-destruct. It seems like whenever they get a taste of being semi-good they go and fvck it up. You know, comparable to a premature ejaculation. Only 1 year have they gotten it right in the past 68 years. Cue the Joker's sarcastic clap.
  5. Who did Roy break the then record against? I don't remember. I want to say the Canucks, but I don't know for sure. If Marty has a chance to do it somewhere semi-local (Flyers, Bruins, Isles, Capitals, Rags or at home) I will probably end up going. Even Tampa and the Panthers I will go too. That's something I'll be looking forward to with such excitement in a long while. In any sport.
  6. Just for the record, I would have posted a thread about meeting any hockey player. It just so happens this occurrence was with Sean Avery. It's not like it happens every day. Only this and the random week I spent vacationing in the same beach house as Melanie Brodeur and the Brodeur kids in the July after the 2003 Cup season are my random encounters with NHL related people. The senior members of the board probably remember that one. That was cool. Oh and Jim Dowd shot a hockey puck to my nuts when I was at hockey camp as a kid in Brick, NJ. That, however, wasn't so cool. (I was a goalie during my early days on the ice, but now I play D here in the city). That's a little different though, it was on ice and not randomly running into him.
  7. A few years ago I probably wouldn't brought something up. But yes I've definitely mellowed out since then, though I'm still extremely dedicated and emotionally attached to this organization. The fact of the matter, he was just a really easy person to talk to. He just didn't sit there and give one word answers, he engaged and asked questions back. However, I will always stand by my statements that he doesn't belong on this team. I don't like his on-ice antics. Actually he was dressed like he just rolled out of bed. Sweat pants that were cut at the knees and some haggard tshirt.
  8. Definitely a winner statement there. Though he was smaller than I thought he'd be, he still could have kicked my ass in about 2 seconds. I didn't bring anything up regarding Marty and such because I actually wanted to have a conversation with him, instead of a really awkward argument ya know. But like I said, I would never want him on my team.
  9. So I went to go get some breakfast at this joint right outside my building here in the city and I walk in to see Sean Avery at the counter waiting for his food. Walk up to him and go "Hey, you're Sean Avery." He shook my hand and we just shot the sh!t for about 4 or 5 minutes. I told him I was a Devs fan (though I didn't bring up anything about Marty and all that). We talked majority about Dallas and he hopes it's a cool place. I told him it was, since I've been there many times. We talked about the players too, he seemed eager to play with Morrow (and who wouldn't). he says he's got no idea what the Rangers direction is, but he basically said they dropped the ball with letting Jagr got because of the mere presence he brings (which I agree with). I told him I rather face Naslund and the new kid from the Blue Jackets than him and Jagr on the right side. He said "Oh yea, def." It was actually really cool talking to him. I still wouldn't want him on the Devs though, but he was a really easy guy to talk to. Oh and he says Gomer is a really cool guy.
  10. Which also means he will become more available at some point, and possibly be cheaper. Those one-year contracts always have trade deadline movement potential labeled to them in the following year. With Lou's statement of us 'not being anymore close to the cap like it is now', there is a possibility he could be making room for Bouw at some point.
  11. He would complete my hopes. Well on offense anyway. Getting Bouw after Naslund would cause me to do very happy things.
  12. Not Bouw nasty I don't think unfortunately.
  13. That line combo would put a huge smile on my face. That's if the Zubrus of the Rangers series (with his intensity) shows up.
  14. I still think Zajac, Gionta, Greene or Brookbank and a pick can land him.
  15. F it, go get Naslund then.
  16. Absolutely excellent start. He is a very good defensemen, and I hope he takes over for White in key situations.
  17. He would be an upgrade from Brylin.
  18. A lot of people are forgetting that Jay Bouwmeester is a franchise defensemen. This guy has the capabilities to go up in some arena's rafters. If he is REALLY on the opening market, Lou knows what this guy can do. He's at least calling. Rock hard, sturdy, smart and athletic defensemen just don't come around anymore. And we aren't going to land a defensemen like this the easy way anymore (ala Stevens as compensation), so it will obviously take a lot. He is one of those special players that's totally worth that. Our D corp would sky rocket to the top of the league, barring Salvador stays and Oduya continues on his track. Martin-Bouw Salvador-Oduya White (Much less effective, but for some unknown reason Lou loves him) - VV (Extras in Mottau and whoever else looks good in camp) There's hard ass hitting and puck movement all around. So extremely well balanced. Zajac and Gio can be replaced very easily (their total output is mediocre at best for their positions). Especially with a cap increase and a report that Rolston only wants a 2 year deal with a $5mil ceiling, I mean come on that screams bargain and points. Hell he could probably make up Zajac and Gio's production ALONE or be damn close to it. Brookbank would go too, and def some draft picks. Zajac/Little G/Brookbank/2009 1st is a very solid offer. It's relatively cheap and balanced. Guys, this is a golden opportunity to severely upgrade this team right here. We've been wanting it for a good 4 years now, the doors could be open if this report is true.
  19. Ok, and that star player is Bouwmeester.... Zajac hasn't really done anything in 2 years here. He's tall, but packs no meat on the ice. Of his like 20 goals he's scored in 2 years, they've mostly been garbage goals. He does have upside, sure, but he isn't a first line center for years to come. And as far as I see it, it isn't giving up as it's getting the best value at the best time for a player like Zajac before he turns into a Gionta value. Bouwmeester on the other hand is such an asset on defensemen. Especially since Colin White really sucks more than ever, and only has one eye. Bouwmeester is a 1st pairing defensemen for years to come. Him and Martin as a pairing in key situations (PP, PK, remaining minutes) is mouth watering. Gionta is lost without Gomez, that's pretty obvious. His value is the opposite of Zajac, but packaged with him makes him look nicer. If only Lou could sell Zajac as a first line center (the Panthers blaring need), and if the Panthers are oblivious of Gionta's need for a assist-producing center this deal could work. Throwing in Brookbank wouldn't hurt either, who can be molded as a 25% Bouwmeester in the Panthers eyes.
  20. Zajac and Gionta are so expendable, just pull the trigger!
  21. NJayDevil

    Shawn Avery

    He'll be in a gay porn within 2 years.
  22. Colin White is the most overrated player on this team, with Zajac a close 2nd. Salvador > White
  23. Naslund would be a very great addition to this team. I can see him and Elias working very well together. And he can be had for a relatively cheap price.
  24. This would be a very interesting top line if the Devs had the balls to get Hossa (which the odds of that are obviously slim-to-none): Hossa-Elias-Naslund Europeans can now win championships.... Then use Zajac and Little G as trade bait for either another center for the 2nd line or a top 4 defensemen. Zajac and a 1st for Marleau I'd absolutely do in a heartbeat.
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