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  1. Kovalchuk needs to be put back on left wing. That needs to be move 1.
  2. The Garden is always busy between Rangers, Knicks, Big East tournament and circus in March. That would explain that scheduling
  3. They do not have the required compensation to give for what it will take for Winnipeg not to match
  4. Jagr was the top player on the Rangers the two years after the lockiut and he left as a free agent. There you go
  5. It is a no news story. Basically if Vanderbeek's mystery buyer doesn't work out then the league will take over for next year while the team gets sold. I could have told you that months ago with no inside info. Any one who knows how leagues operate in situations like this knew that. The situation is the same as it was yesterday. BTW, I'm going to guess Kosman's source is someone who wants to buy the team outright from Vanderbeek (leaving him out) through bankruptcy. Seems to be the case because of the timing of the article's. Kind of similar to when the Globe and Mail was reporting on the Coyotes stuff (and before that their reporting on the Predators). Turned out the source there was Balsillie and his lawyer trying to chill the process by timely leaks.
  6. My turn: Zach- Depends on the financials, my guess it will take 12 years 80-90 million to sign him (almost all of you are underestimating what he will get). If they have a financing deal in place he stays. Sal- walks, won't even get an offer from the Devils. Have 6 d locked in for next year no room for him. Poni- Stay for about what he makes now Carter- Stays Gionta- Stays, one way deal under 1 million Sykora- walks or retires Cam- walks, playoffs showed the team the difference a competant 4th means. Plus they can't run Kovalchuk down like they did this year. Bernier- Not a clue Harrold- Stays as a #7 Hedberg- Retires
  7. If they don't sign Zach there probably isn't a backup plan because that means the cash isn't there. It will be find someone in the bargain bin to fill out the roster and go from there,
  8. MSG+ gets all the games locally in round 1. National coverage becomes exclusive in Round 2 Unsure. It could be an NBC produced game on NHL Network. It is unclear what the playoff plans are regarding that. If they use the local feed with NHLN graphics inserted my guess it will be MSG+ used
  9. From what they said on CBC there would be no more East/West. First two rounds in your division/conference (depending on what they call them, they would be the same thing) and then reseed league wide for the 3rd round. Yes. So for the Devils they would play every team in the division/conference 6 times. The other teams twice.
  10. The way this team controls the puck on the PP, I don't want the point men sneaking down. The fumble the puck too much for that and the result more often enough is an easy clear for the other team. For this team the points on the PP need to keep the puck in. Honestly I would like them to just treat it like a 5-on-5 situation at this point. Put two defensemen back there and use the regular 5-on-5 lines. As for Oates, he needs to go. I have a feeling he is also the one behind the forcing Kovalchuk and Parise together mess, which destroys any little bit of depth in the lineup.
  11. Well the results are the same. Don't get why they are trying to force them together. Chemistry issues aside you shouldn't want them together, especially what is on the team after them. Them together cuts down the amount ice time you have a top scoring threat out there. It takes the other coaches decision who to match up on away.
  12. Never gave him a chance to be anything, but a tough guy? That's BS, he came up in 2003 as a top-9 player and they gave him that chance in 2004 to be a top-9 player following his Stanley Cup Final performance.
  13. jkrdevil

    the hockey news

    Assuming Kovalchuk pays the point and the full two minutes like he did under Lemaire I don't see either of those guys playing PP time. Greene is probably going to be the defensemen on the top PP unit, and I'm going to guess that Larsson will get the second unit nod if he makes the team. I can't be optimistic about a defense that may have 3 players on it that combine for less than a full season of games under their belt. That is too green of a defense. I wasn't a big fan of Taormina defensively the few games he played last year (he struck me as a PP specialist). Fayne played solid, but I wonder if he can hold up over a full season. Larsson is 18. Given that and Zajac getting injured and thus leaving us with little at the center position to begin the year I just don't like the look of this team. If the East is better as you say then this team certainly a miss team on paper.
  14. I posted this on HF, which pretty much sums up my thoughts thinking about the last few hours. I can't help but shake the rumors from throughout the year or how close he was to Langs and Pandolfo, both of whom left on bad terms. I'm thinking he just doesn't want to be here and is trying to get to UFA. Sounds like stuff we heard tonight from both sides. That quote was from then Panthers GM Jacques Martin when they settled with Bouwmeester the year before he left. There were rumors that he wanted out, but the Panthers held on thinking they could get him to sign. We now know he had no intention of ever re-signing with them. There are other examples. You can't really believe what either party says in these things. And as I have said many other times this sounds like the Sutter thing. You here one thing about how he wants to leave at the end of the year from one place. Than a similar nugget somewhere else. Then he gets asked and he protest to the Devils writers. At the end of the season he is gone. I think the whole Sutter thing contributed to the Devils late side at the end of that year and maybe a bit to the playoff loss to Carolina because they went entered in a funk. I can't shake those feelings. It is going to be a looming questions. Honestly given those feelings I hope they trade him this summer.
  15. Boulton is an extra player. He isn't going to be in regularly in my opinion. Just for the nights where we need "thoughness" and if guys a banged up. This is how I see our forwards lining up as of now if everyone is healthy. Kovalchuk-Zajac-Palmieri Parise-Elias-Zubrus Tedenby-Josefson-Clarkson Zharkov/Henrique-Steckel-Hunter Boulton--Pelley
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