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  1. Man Hughes gets caught watching the puck so much. He doesn't read the play. I do not think he will ever fulfill the hype that he came in with, his trick of skating around everyone and then sending a no look pass just does not work on NHL defensemen, much less at NHL speeds. How many times have we seen him try to handle the puck, pass it to no one and then get crunched along the boards. I gave up on him being Kane a long time ago, but at this point RNH would be a stretch. He's not a bad player, but i doubt he fits in any higher than a second line wing. I know he is the youngest player in the league, but he has not demonstrated any consistent hockey IQ at NHL speeds. I can't tell if he's a poor stickhandler or doesn't have the confidence. Sucks that we got the weakest Number 1s in the last decade. While both are good, I doubt either will ever be a superstar you can build a franchise on or sell a bunch of tickets to see. Watch Lafreniere be the next coming of Yzerman.
  2. yup. A proud Big Red alumni here. I saw Matt Moulson play in 2003 (whoa, I'm old..) Hopefully, our favourite team makes it to the cup finals. Interestingly, I once came across a Blue Acura TSX with blue "NJ DVL" vanity plates and Devils license plate holders. I figured thats gotta be someone on this board...
  3. amazingly, not many stars fans. Houston and Dallas have a rivalry of their own going on. Even without the rivalry, I'm not surprised. Houston is a town full of transients. People like myself who had to move down here, and ultimately ended up staying.
  4. Not sure if this is the right place to be posting this. I moved to Texas a couple years ago, and I was wondering if we have any real Devils fans in Houston that are members of this forum. I've been the Maple Leaf in Midtown, Devils fans are few and far between there (and most of the time the place is crawling with red wing fans and the pens bandwagon..).
  5. Can we get a headshot for this amazing rack? btw.. I guess the problem has been that I've been watching. I'd like to think that I'm not superstitious... but I've watched the first three games, and the devils have scored while I was either using the pisser or grabbing a beer. Dejected.. I decided to hit the gym today. Turns out they win. Okay, no more finals for me... but I wish I saw those boobs.
  6. seriously, Kovy and Zids are killing this team. Please take them off the PP, its apparent that Kovy has already sh!t himself and has come unhinged. True, it will just make Kovy all that much more fragile by benching him, but at this point, you cannot afford it.
  7. I totally agree with Troy, really missing some leadership here, and I think the team is forcing it from Kovalchuk. I'll admit, he is a gifted goal scorer, but he just doesnt have the mental tenacity to carry a team. Zidlicky falls in the same category. Like Kovy, he has a gift for making plays, but when the going gets tough he gets lost and scared. If I were Deboer, I'd cut Kovy's minutes down, give em to Zach, and run the first PP unit with Greene and Fayne and Kovy on left wing. He likes to shoot so much from that sharp angle, might as well have him do it as a wing.
  8. CaptainScotty


    wait i need tickets too... shoudl I go to stubhub? I have no idea where the heck to get tickets and the best time to do so. I would like game 1 or 2 tickets. i lurk these boards pretty frequently, and I guarantee im as diehard as they come... but I live in houston since 2010... but i gotta see my team!
  9. oh boy.. this team does not look organized... i think part of it is there is no first line center on the team..
  10. might be the season on the line tuesday... better get it done in regulation... LGD!
  11. I second this, im worried. 1 point may be the difference between us getting in or not... We didn't exactly dominate ATL, but they eked it out with BARELY enough offense. I think the guys on the team have been reading the papers. This isnt the same kind of effort we saw vs the Bolts when this started. color me worried. I want a win next game vs ATL...
  12. philly looks like we did at the beginning of the season.. holy moly.. no matter the time or place.. i f'n hate the rangers.
  13. wtf, now that im cheering for the flyers these bastards cant win a game.
  14. wow, if we have 15 years of this kind of clutch, kovy is worth every penny.. and +1 to comment on the )(@*)(*#(@ pens announcers. holy.. they were awful.
  15. oh my god.... are the pens announcers always this bad? i know chico is a homer, but he doesnt slander the other team
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