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  1. GDT: Game 1 Devils @ Penguins.

    Fayne played in all 82 games and averaged over 20 minutes a night in '11-'12. When Stevens replaced Robinson, Fayne's ice time dropped by 3 minutes. Maybe DeBoer isn't the one the one who doesn't much like Fayne..
  2. McKenzie's Mid-Season 2011 Top 60

    He now has Larsson ranked first. TSN's Mid-Season Top 60
  3. New Kovy Update ("As the Kovy Turns")

    The trip is at the Kings invitation. Kovalchuk coming to L.A. for face-to-face talks with Kings
  4. Doomsday Scenario

    Foster is a tall version of Marc-Andre Bergeron.
  5. The Devils Financial Situation

    The Prudential Center does about 90 dates a year. The Staples Center is home to 4 professional sports franchises, they can easily operate without any concerts or events. If the Prudential Center were home to the Devils, Nets, Islanders and Liberty, they wouldn't need any concert bookings either. Between the money they get from Prudential and MSG, plus adding the Nets for a few seaons, they should be able to stay afloat for the next few years. Things certainly have not played out the way Vanderbeek and Gilfillan envisioned though, and they probably aren't the owners five years from now.
  6. The Devils Financial Situation

    Two events booked for each of June, July and August and that's the way it's been since the place was built. The building is dark 90% of the time the Devils or Seton Hall aren't playing. That's not sustainable with the debt on the building. At least they will have the Nets for two or three years now. They will need to figure out a way to drum up more business for the arena in the meantime.
  7. Langenbrunner Trade Scenarios

    Langenbrunner's kids have been in one school system for their entire lives, plus his oldest is going into 8th grade. To uproot his family for just one season and then potentially be in limbo again next off-season; the list of places he'd be willing to go is extremely short. I'd say Minnesota and Detroit would be it.
  8. Danton Pro Hockey Return???

    If he does play pro hockey again, it very likely won't be in the U.S. The chances of Danton being granted a U.S. work visa are practically nil.
  9. Arnott yes or no?

    Arnott is Nashville's captain, best goal scorer and he's signed for 2 more seasons after this one. Unless you come up with an overwhelming offer (e.g. at least one good young roster player, any prospect they want and a #1) why would Nashville even consider trading Arnott?
  10. Mathieu Schneider traded to Montreal

    It really has no bearing on the high end trade targets. They are all going to cost a 1st round pick, a roster player and prospect regardless of what Montreal gave up for Schneider. The Schneider trade does more to set the market for the likes of Havelid and Leopold.
  11. Jay Bouwmeester

    Not going to happen for a variety of reasons. Lou isn't going to make the type of aggressive recruiting pitch it would take to get Bouwmeester even interested in the Devils. Even if Lou had the cap space, he still wouldn't be willing to shell out what it's going to take to get Bouwmeester. Maybe most importantly, Bouwmeester wants to play in a big hockey market, which New Jersey certainly is not.
  12. The NJ Devils have interest in Jagr...NOW.****per eklund

    Any player that played in a foreign league after the start of the NHL regular season has to clear waivers. So Jagr would have to.
  13. Hockeysfuture.com Organizational Rankings

    Any kind of league wide ranking of prospects based on some sort of vague criteria that is subject to personal opinions, preferences and biases is going to be wildly inaccurate, even if the people putting the list together actually know what they are talking about. In this case, a bunch of people that aren't in any way related to the industry ranking a bunch of players that for the most part they've never seen play is completely asinine.
  14. Any Verizon Fios owners?

    Verizon FiOS has added Center Ice and NHL Network. Verizon FiOS TV customers get front row seats to hockey action with 'NHL Center Ice' and 'NHL Network'
  15. NHL Attendance

    The cheapest seats in Tampa now are $15 and those are the last five rows of the upper deck. Some of the upper deck seats are $69 and their isn't a single seat below the upper deck that's less than $79. Lightning tickets really aren't any cheaper than Devils, in some cases they are more expensive.