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  1. Can't blame anyone for doing what Zach did. In reality, he doesn't owe anybody anything, except for his family and himself. He worked hard to get this opportunity, and he took full advantage. Good for him and good luck in Minnesota.
  2. I saw the woman crying, and I agree, I was fearing the worst too. It was a really uneasy situation. However I saw that same woman back in her seats later on, so either she was with him and he was OK, or she was just a concerned bystander. Either way, I was hoping that one of his friends (or even he) is a poster on here and could just update everyone on his status. It definitely didn't look good from my vantage point.
  3. I hate to get incredibly off-topic, but does anyone know of/know the status of the dude who fell in 229? I'm not exactly sure what happened or if someone else saw it but from what I heard he fell backwards down the stairs and hit his head on the glass siding by the railing. It was right before the pre-game pump up music and light show started so I can't imagine that was easy for the paramedics and Pru center staff. From the way the people around him were reacting, it looked like he got hurt pretty bad.
  4. Would like to sell to Devils fans. Two tickets in 229, row 5 (really row 4). $300 for the pair, cheaper than what's going on Stubhub right now. would have to meet in person as they are actual tickets. e-mail at douggausepohl@gmail.com if you're interested.
  5. Section 229, Row 5 (Actually row 4). 2 tickets, I'll sell the pair for $100. E-mail me at douggausepohl@gmail.com if you're interested.
  6. From my understanding, there would no longer be an Eastern and Western Conference with those realignments. Four divisions, no conferences.
  7. The one I know is a dancer for another team, a semi-pro football team.. I'm pretty sure she's a waitress somewhere too, plus she goes to school and teaches little kids how to dance. I really don't know how she does it.
  8. I'm acquaintances with one of the Devils Dancers.. back when i was a soph in HS (05), one of them and I had been "talking" for a few weeks, but it stopped because I wound up dating a different girl. she wound up dating a couple of friends of mine throughout the past five years or so. Don't talk much now but we're currently friends on facebook and we talk from time to time about the Devils and meeting up at one of the games she dances at... She's really nice and stunning... i've seen some of their practice videos and they are really good, talented dancders I feel bad they have to deal with all the creeps on a nightly basis that think they actually have a chance with these ladies. i have a feeling that many of the same people who are saying they don't find these girls "hot" would be jumping at the chance if one of these girls were ever to come up to them!
  9. I'm a waiter. Let me get this straight: The Devils front office/restaurant hostess gives you incorrect information, or states it in a way that is misguiding, and then when you are found to be wrong, instead of dealing with it like an adult and blaming the correct party, you leave no tip for the waitress and scurry away from the table like a bunch of high school girls who didn't look at the prices before ordering and didn't have enough to tip? I've been in the restaurant business for a couple of years, and the ONLY reason I'm in it is for the money. The people suck, the job sucks, the hours suck. The money is awesome. You take the money away, and nobody works in a restaurant. Nobody. So if you think that you were justified in taking money out of the waitresses pocket (literally) for a misunderstanding, so be it. But just know that everyone in that restaurant thinks your an a**hole now. We see a lot of faces but we don't forget the bad ones. I wouldn't go back in if I were you, just giving you fair warning. And you're gonna walk into the restaurant and give the waitress $100 when your trying to get even less than that from AMEX to put back in your pocket? Please. Do me a favor and never sit at my table. There's plenty of drive-thru's around here.
  10. I saw a few people saying they picked up extras. If anyone is willing to sell those extras (for a fair price, considering you got them so cheap) e-mail me. 2 or more preferred.
  11. Game 3 first round? Pretty sure that was Chico.
  12. leaving now, shoot me a call/text if you want the ticket.
  13. Section 226, row 5. Me and a friend already going 973-906-6381, or if before 5:30 PM on here.
  14. I don't know why, but I have a good feeling on this one. You always hear the same teams thrown around as possibilities when there's a big name on the trade market (Boston, NY, Philly) and while to hear that NJ is involved is shocking on its own, I'd have to imagine that they'd be pretty seriously involved at this point, otherwise they wouldn't be wasting their time competing against bigger-market teams that could really use a big-name guy.
  15. I know what it's like to be a waiter too (currently). At least you handled it well, I've had guests make scenes in front of my other tables, which just ruins the mood until all of the tables that witnessed it leave. It definitely shouldn't take 15 minutes for him to greet you OR to get your drinks. I think the longest I've ever gone before greeting a table is 3 or 4 minutes. I appreciate on behalf of all servers that you were patient, though. I personally wish I could go 15 minutes on a busy night before greeting a table and not get verbally abused, but the chances of that are low.
  16. Because I think that goes without saying, lol.
  17. Ugh. That's probably the worst of the three. Just give the game to the Lightning or start over. No one's going to a game that's half over with the Devils down 3.
  18. This will be interesting to watch unfold. The Lightning will be P/O'd if the game has to restart since they were about 80-85% ensured of a win. If the game continues from where it stopped the Devils will be unhappy, because they won't draw a single person to a game that's half over and with the Devils down three goals. Honestly, and I hate to say it, the most fair way to deal with this situation is probably to just award the Lightning the win.
  19. I would be LIVID if I was a fan at that game tonight. How can you compensate somebody for sitting through almost two hours of a power outage only to send them home? Free tickets + a refund at least.
  20. Until there's a tragedy where dozens of people are killed solely because of in-game drinking, there will be liquor sold at games. And even then, every arena has some sort of watering hole (at least one) by it, where people will just get trashed before the game anyway. You can't stop it, just hope people enjoy their buzz rather than get violent with it.
  21. I got a Devils picture frame and a red Brodeur jersey.
  22. Are some of you serious, not making the playoffs? The Devils would have to be GOD awful from here on out (I'm talking like 10-37, for the love of god even Carolina isn't that bad) to not make the playoffs. Not happening, the playoffs is a lock, there are so many terrible W-L teams in the league it's a joke. I'm not worried about the Cup now, I'm worried about beating out Pittsburgh for the division. Do that, then see where we are in April and who we draw first round. The Cup is months away.
  23. It's not really techno- if it was techno it'd sound a lot more ear piercing. I personally like it. You can't just have the exact same song every year and just a slightly different video, it gets old.
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