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  1. What could Fonzie been saying when he was showing off his suit? Maybe he was proud that he didn't have his leather jacket on. Sit on it, Tortorella!
  2. Can I vote for the coach, Captain Kangaroo Hitchcock? I'm a big fan of the "black on black" look that he wears so well. Isn't the Bada Bing in New Jersey?
  3. After a questionable call by the refs: "And play.....continues"
  4. Roenick whines more than my adolescent daughter.
  5. Gotta love the shootout, especially when you win it!
  6. Did any of you season ticket holders get the jerseys we were offered as "thanks" yet? My kids are bugging me that they won't have them for opening night.
  7. Wasn't there a picture of Randy McKay putting his baby in the Cup in Dallas that was in Sports Illustrated? Does anyone else remember that?
  8. Everyone on the team thought I was born that way
  9. I'll trade Baumann for him in a heartbeat.
  10. Roenick should be given a violation just for HAVING a license plate that says STYLES.
  11. That little lisp of Ferraro's drives me nuts.
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