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  1. corey doesnt even compare to marty in the stick/puck handling catagory, but i still think that he is a better with the pads than marty.
  2. last year was last year, this is the 2003 team, better defense and a speedier offense its a very different team
  3. i watch marty alot i always go to the practices, i live in w.o for gods sake iam a 30 second bike ride from the arena crosing that road by the st cloud elementry school
  4. k, you guys can argue, but iam sticken to what i said
  5. hey, iam not the only one that says that marty is overhyped, alot of people say the same thing, i get the fact that corey is here for relief, but maybe the devils could do more with him
  6. Sorry but you give female hockey fans a bad name. please watch some games get a clue before you post anymore garbage like this!!! who said i was female? i go to about 30 games a year and i try to either watch or listen to the rest somewhere
  7. lets put it this way, sure its only preseason, so we'll soon find out
  8. k, let me change it a little then, they shouldnt let broduer play as many games as he did last season and let schwab play more, hows that sound? i go to about 30 hockey games a year, brouduer is a good goalie and all but he is overhyped and a soon to be over his good years
  9. RoughDraft Posted on Sep 26 2002, 07:15 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .....You are basing this on one game. not just on tonights game, but at the practices at the S.M.A and seeing him other places NJayDevil Posted on Sep 26 2002, 07:17 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- way to spell BrodeUR right. This is comical, haha. ya, i know, i cant spell, but its my own opinion, you can disagree if you want <_<
  10. k, this is my opinion, but schwab is so much better than brodure. he is better all around, very fan friendly, he stops pucks very well, he takes control of the game and could be a very good leader. hes excellent on power plays against him too, this guy could replace him any day now
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