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  1. Yes, I'm calling them losers because they lost their series last night. That is why they're losers. They lost. I also hate Carolina, so all the more reason to insult the loser Caps who lost in the 2019 playoffs-- the subject of the thread.
  2. The caps were perrenial losers before last year. They were the Sharks of the east. Yea they won last year. I'm not some flat earther type denying facts, but this is the 2019 playoff thread not last year. This year they lost. Are they still winners? By that logic Carolina are still losers despite that they just beat the defending cup champs after barely making it into the playoffs. As far as I'm concerned Carolina are winners. They just won. Capitals are losers. They just lost. I am surprised this is so controversial. We spend way too much time on symantecs on this board lol.
  3. NJDevils1214

    Hughes or Kakko

    To be fair, Kakko hasn't gotten to worlds yet. If Kakko goes and Hughes doesn't we'll be overloaded by Kakkos success news and Hughes news won't be pouring in anymore.
  4. That was last year. They lost in the first round this year lol. The key word is "lost". To Carolina to boot.
  5. And now they're back to underachieving. Should I be patting them on the back for what they did last year or commenting on how they just lost last night? It's the 2019 playoff thread, not 2018.
  6. Washington are a bunch of losers.
  7. Just build it between NYC and NJ. Good enough for me.
  8. I watched the NHL page on my phone and the clock ran out with SJ ahead. Had no idea about the OT until this morning. Not really sure on the call. Glad I'm not the one that had to make it I guess.
  9. I was hoping SJ would lose. Cody Eakin cost VGK?
  10. Requirements: Hot and Blonde No other requirements.
  11. I'd be salty if the islanders won it all but the middl finger to Tavares would be hilarious. The middle finger is already good if Toronto loses to Boston but still.
  12. My bracket is completely fvcked. I don't think I got anything right.
  13. NJDevils1214

    Hughes or Kakko

    Size could def have him drop out of the top 10, but I don't expect him to be available by mid way though the first round.
  14. If I remember correctly, I think Brooks reported it. That is a pretty big give away as far as the credibility.
  15. NJDevils1214

    Hughes or Kakko

    Caufield with ANOTHER goal assisted by Hughes. I feel bad for this Slovak goalie. Holy sh!t.
  16. NJDevils1214

    Hughes or Kakko

    Oof. I think Slovakia just got a SH goal.
  17. NJDevils1214

    Hughes or Kakko

    Another point for Caufield too.
  18. NJDevils1214

    Hughes or Kakko

    In a perfect world, it would be nice if Ray could use some of those extra picks etc to acquire another 1st and grab this Caufield kid too. It just seems like he has the gear to play at Hughes speed.
  19. The better for the met. NYR will always attract talent just because "bright lights brah", but better chance they may still have an incompetent loser at the helm to mess it up someway now.
  20. I mean...yea...but fvck the Hurricanes. If it was another team I'd be happy for them shattering expectations but they're the Hurricanes. fvck the Hurricanes. fvck Erik Staal and fvck Niclas Walen and fvck Arturs Irbe too, wherever they are.
  21. Quit using logic. It's frowned upon on this board.
  22. NJDevils1214

    Hughes or Kakko

    Hughes with 0 points so far. Game is almost over. USA leading 5-1. Caufield with the hatty.
  23. So they should invite Jack...his brother is there. It just makes sense
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