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  1. Class of 2009 here. Grew up in Broadway/Washington. I live and work in Parsippany/Morris Plains now, so I am right down the road. Maybe I should pop in lol. I know there are bunch of wealthy people right up the road in Mendham too. You always see Ferries and Lambos going up and down the road.
  2. Yes sir. Warren Hills is my Alma mater.
  3. I didn't even know they were from NJ. I went to High school with Halsey. I never really knew her but from what I have heard she's quite the fake.
  4. Backes contract has buyout protections built in. It gets you almost no relief financially.
  5. It makes me weirdly happy that Sarge and Elias are there.
  6. I think it was The Masters or US Open.
  7. FWIW I thought I heard the B's GM was amendment that Backes wasn't going anywhere, but maybe that was because his contract is buyout proof or whatever.
  8. To be fair, if they called it meat circle I probably wouldn't be sure if it was food or not.
  9. You can tell me I'm wrong until the cows come home, it doesn't make your facts more right than my own life experiences. Everyone I know calls it pork roll, when I go into any place where I'm from I order a pork roll egg and cheese lol. So keep spitting them facts homie, but I got mine to, dog .
  10. I'm from North Jersey. It's pork roll. It's always been pork roll. When I buy it from a local butcher it is especially pork roll, because the Taylor company didn't have anything to do with making it. It's like the difference between calling a tissue a "Kleenex" or a bandage a "Band-Aid". At some point something that is popular takes on the popular brand's name as the object name. In this case it is PORK ROLL, made by the company Taylor--or whatever that guy named it.
  11. The team that has been putting the tweets and videos together for the last few years has been killing it.Star Wars night, 80s/90s night all great. I just watched the 90s night video and got pumped AF at the end. I wish it was fall already.
  12. Simmonds will be playing wing on a line with a center??!! FIRE HYNES!
  13. Definitely doing SJ a favor and drinking the koolaid so they can bring back Jumbo Joe and Marleau.
  14. https://www.tsn.ca/san-jose-sharks-rfa-kevin-labanc-reach-one-year-deal-1.1334735 Labanc signs for pennies.
  15. I definitely don't get what's so great about it. I've been to a decent amount of cities and the only one I found to be dirtier was Paris. It happens to be the one I live closest to but I'd rather go to Smelladelphia than NYC.
  16. I need it to be October.
  17. Kakko's brother got what he wanted. Good. Enjoy the traffic and the piss smell. It's nothing like a European city.
  18. By "pie in the sky" player I thought you mean't that by using a blanket term player I am expecting something unattainable and that is why I am not using a specific name. Maybe my mistake on the interpretation. I do use a specific name in my comment so it isn't like I am pulling something out of thing air. If you are making the "why not both" argument then I understand. I'd feel better adding Gusev and retaining the firsts to use at the deadline assuming the team is playoff bound.
  19. Yea it really got to me. BLOCKED. Feel free to mock me, but do it while using my actual argument-- Not taking gratuitous snippets of the entire comment. By all accounts Gusev is out there, and he won't cost 4 first round picks or 12.5m a year. Gusev isn't a Marner and I used Gusev's name in my comment, so MB83s argument that I am expecting Connor McDavid by saying "pure sniper" also isn't accurate.
  20. How am I saying that I would either dislike him being here or that our roster doesn't need him by asking if it makes more sense to get a player that is a pure goal scorer, esp for the price to get him? You guys take my post and boil it down to some base level and mock it like I am saying something I'm not. He obviously makes the team better, but are there more cost effective options that might fit better? Christ.
  21. I'm still not sure I am sold on Marner fitting here. He did well with JT, but JT is a finisher and Marner was his setup guy. Nico is a great playmaker, Hughes should also be a great playmaking center, and Hall kind of does it all, but doesn't it make more sense to add someone who can just score tons of goals, like Gusev should be able to, than another A level playmaker? He only had 26 goals out of his 94pts. That doesn't mean to say he can't score more if the style was changed but again, wouldn't it make more sense to get a proven goal scorer?
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