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  1. You know who got the only goal of the game? 👀
  2. NJDevils1214

    It’s Keefe

    "I know this organization has a great history of winning and I look forward to getting started to work on leading them back to that level.”
  3. NJDevils1214

    It’s Keefe

    Idk if I have ever seen you happy about anything. This is definitely a day to remember.
  4. NJDevils1214

    It’s Keefe

    He failed and got a raise. Let's hope the Devils power play does better than Toronto's did against Boston.
  5. NJDevils1214

    It’s Keefe

    News has been out for 2 entire minutes and no @MadDog2020Sighting yet
  6. NJDevils1214

    It’s Keefe

    DReger says 4 year contract.
  7. I am wondering how much Toronto possibly moving on from Marner affects Fitzgerald's big game hunting plan. Not many goalies on the market and not sure you can compete with a package that includes a player of Mitch Marner's caliber. It's obvious Toronto needs a G too.
  8. I thought you could trade whenever you want to, but if you trade after the trade deadline the player can't play for you in the playoffs.
  9. They never miss an opportunity to bring this sh!t up.
  10. I saw a tweet today that his contract in the KHL was terminated and he was coming to NA but that the team in the KHL maintains his rights. Edit: also shouldn't we have this in the off season thread?
  11. The Rags barely faced adversity in this post-season, and when they did they hardly had an answer. If that sh!t goal from behind the goal line doesn't go in we could be having a discussion about a major choke instead of them facing the Panthers right now. A week ago people were acting like they were immortal but they showed otherwise and It'll be interesting to see how they take on a team like FLA that I cannot imagine will let them doormat them like WAS and CAR(at times not 5on5) did. I firmly believe that team is 50% sh!tstork, 20% Kreider, 30% everyone else. If those 2 guys do not will them to W it doesn't happen.
  12. We're talking about the coaching stuff across 3 threads now lol.
  13. Fridge said on 32 thoughts to expect NJ to at least ask about Brind'amour. He still thinks he stays in Carolina but says that from what he hears neither side is happy something isn't in place.
  14. sh!tstork looked rattled for all of about 6 min and the Canes couldn't put the game out of reach.
  15. Going into the 3rd up by 2 and you sh!t the bed that badly...that is unforgivable. What an awful period.
  16. I'm glad I turned it off.
  17. It was ALL canes before that goal from behind the goal line. How the turn tables in absolute poop fashion
  18. Real captain move by Staal there when his team is already on their heels.
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