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  1. Has anyone here shipped hockey equipment? I wanted to get an idea of cost.

  2. Grats to LL on the HOF

  3. Thought this was pretty funny. Made in 1945 but I bet people who dont watch hockey still see it about the same way.

  4. Matt Taormina is playing golf where I work today. Must resist childlike excitement....!!!!

    1. NJCroMag


      Ask him if it drives him nuts that Cangelosi calls him TA-RO-MI-NA.

    2. ThreeCups


      Taormina gets you that excited?!? What would happen if a real player came in? lol

  5. Apparently ice rink pro shops take memorial day wkend off....ill keep that in mind next time I buy new skates.

  6. Just finished my English term paper. Finally free !


  8. Already getting excited for game 4! :)

  9. Just turned on comcast and saw Dano talking about the Jersey Devil.

    1. Pepperkorn


      N.J. or the mythical Jimmy Leeds?

    2. NJDevils1214
  10. I left work today and all I wanted to do was go to a Devils game :(

  11. Keeping the faith for Buffalo and Tampa to win tonight!!! lets go guys!

  12. I am missing watching Zach Parise play pretty bad right now...

  13. If anyone goes to NJIT in Newark can you PM me please I have a few questions.

  14. I was thinking about it, maybe getting the #2 or 3 draft pick wont be bad, we could have a better chance of nabbing Ryan N-H and not another top player =p

  15. Elias comes through for us again!!!

  16. Ryan N-H had a pretty nice goal, its on NHL.com as the "Fancy Footwork" video.

    1. SS-SS


      yeah watching the game...Couturier is also impressive

  17. After last night you gotta believe something is going to happen

  18. Dispite how the team is doing I like what I see from our young players, but it is still pretty sad that I am excited at the possibility of a high draft spot.

  19. Found out my accounting class was cancelled so I was like woot, then found out it was cause my Prof. died and was like....damn.

    1. Dead


      That really sucks! :( I take it was kinda sudden. I feel sorry for the family. :(

  20. I was wondering the same ting msweet

  21. About to go get NHL 11 before class

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