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  1. Get thing they didn't score on that play cause it def looked offside.
  2. Kind of falls into a really lame place for me. Like diving. Unsportsmanlike to pull sh!t like that.
  3. Yea I saw him break it down and it seemed even worse because their skates touched for basically a second and then weren't anymore and Murray had full range to extend his leg and pad to attempt to make the save. The call was complete bullsh!t.
  4. The win streak ending at least makes things go back to business as usual. Players don't have the added pressure anymore or have to field stupid questions by the media. I really wanted to break that record, though.
  5. The first one was most absurd. I still don't get how you wave that one off as interference. There was even a leaf there pushing Bastian to go through the paint and their stakes barely touched. The NHL is all over the place on those calls, both on the ice and from Toronto.
  6. I don't like it but throwing sh!t makes us all look bad. EDIT: I don't understand the logic though that you can kick it and have it go off a stick and count but if you kick it and it goes off an opposing skate it doesn't. If the kicking motion causes it to go in then it should just be no goal.
  7. The same way the call on the Tatar situation was not interference or a goal.
  8. He did at the beginning of the period when I said that with pucks hitting the post and he looked like he had no idea where he came from. Devils aren't getting shots from inside,
  9. They're forcing things a bit. Murry looks shaky, they just need to put pucks on net.
  10. Other Jesper is really the one he had to out play. It's unfortunate he couldn't manage it, but Boqvist is known to be a responsible player in his own zone so I can't blame the staff for keeping him.
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