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  1. Mara looks so stupid with that thing growing on his face. Sorry if i offend some people with that comment.
  2. Well I saw 2 devils on the same side of the net, and then the rebound went to the opposite side. hummm
  3. Brent should just stop the game and make them skate 50 times blue line to blue line to remind them what they play for, Herb Brooks style. =p. No lets pull Marty now!
  4. I cant believe Brent is actually doing an interview right now...
  5. I need to find some clothes that will hide my face, tomorrow is going to be hell with all those rangers fans from NJ...(sigh)
  6. Dump it in-->Turn it over--->regain--->repeat . 2 of the best shots I've seen came from Oduya.
  7. We need some one to score somewhat quick or we will continue to fall further out of it. This sitting back and watching marty make save after save crap is driving me nuts.
  8. We are putting a great show on for rags fans...
  9. Did Naslund just grab Zubrus?
  10. That was some great puck movement by Gionta and Elias, keep it going please =)
  11. I think my heart stopped for a second on that shot lol
  12. And we get the first penalty..
  13. I remember a few years ago when Ottawa beat NJ in the playoffs I was at the game Langs scored in overtime and a Devils fan threw is fries and beer at a lady during the intermission. I was embarrassed and stopped my cheering.
  14. For the first time ever at a Devils game I got to sit in the club seats at the low center ice right on the red line behind the penalty box for the Minnesota game and honestly the "corporate" people made it the worst game I've ever been to. Its not even the Beer that made it bad, it was bad almost the second the puck dropped. Being behind the penalty box made it worse. They were yelling at Holik and then the Wild took 2 penalties in the 2nd or 3rd period(Kim Johnsson and James Shepard) and I swear they were louder then the Goal horn. They didn't even pronounce Johnsson's name right and they were under the illusion that Manny Fernandez was in net and then was pulled for Nick Backstrom, when in reality Backstrom was pulled for Harding. Being up against the glass made it worse cause their noise would just reverberate back at us. I have never prayed so hard to not have to hear the PA announcer say "And its time for another PSENG POWERPLAY" I will never tell my Girlfriend or her parents that It was the worst game I have ever been to cause the tickets were so expensive though. EDIT: Food was amazing though...
  15. I ment in real life, I only put the game comment in to show preference, I was just woundering if anyone else would prefer having Sykora back instead of Rolston...
  16. I was woundering this before the deadline but I just didnt post about it and since his play has dipped considerably I thought maybe I should ask now. Would you be ok with trading Rolston for Sykora or would you have prefered Lou got Sykora back instead of Rolston.
  17. While I could rele care less about the mistake cause I saw the puck didn't go in the net and knew he was wrong, He did the same exact thing in the Pens vs Phili game the day before when NJ was in Boston and Steve did the play by play. Just funny he did it in two consecutive games but hes the best in the world at his job in my opinion. I honestly cant stand most other guys voices.
  18. The worst thing is we put us in a position to let Washington get ahead again...not a position I wanted to be in. Parise has gone a long time w/o a goal and even longer with out a clean goal. The last one I remember him getting was that scramble one he got a few weeks ago, his offense is a big part of out game and without it we obviously struggle.
  19. Its 2 in a row. And I don't think that you can blame a horrible effort like this on the absense of 2 players. It was horrible and if we continue to play like this and take bad penalties etc, then we can't expect to beat teams like Phili, Carolina, and New York in the playoffs.
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