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  1. @DevilMinderHas there been any consideration of a private sub reddit or moving to discord?. Both of those are free. I'll be honest, I have spent thousands of dollars on Amazon in the lat 6mo but I ALWAYS forget the referral link.
  2. I've always liked this guy and WASH thought highly enough of him to trade back for him after SEA took him in the expansion draft. I like the move.
  3. You're all wasting your breath here. Fans, TV pundits, NHL team scouts-- they're all right and wrong all the time. There is no crystal ball. No one knows. Some people look at the video and say elite and other people look at the same video and say David Hale. Y'all disagree, let it gooooo. K, I'm done.
  4. That is way too many syllables for Dano-- he'd never voluntarily agree to it.
  5. How can you bring up something like context at a time like this?!
  6. Not sure about this guy, but he says NJ offered the #2 for M. Tkachuk. https://ottawasun.com/sports/hockey/nhl/ottawa-senators/insider-trading-the-goalie-carousel-starts-spinning-with-plenty-of-trade-chatter
  7. Are you referring to the zamboni driver?
  8. Toronto losing Campbell and trading Mrazek? Who the F they going to get to play goal? Also, someone helping another team get cap room. Always happens.
  9. Emily Kaplin asked Nemec if there was anyone on the Devils he was excited to play with and he said, "yea, everybody". Ha, I like it.
  10. I am more curious....do you think Nemec was always the pick or do you think NJ was going Slaf if he was there?
  11. No logic. Logic bad.
  12. Wow Wright is falling. He is either going to make a lot of people look smart or a lot of people look dumb.
  13. I always liked Nemec when I watched SVK at the worlds but I am disappointed just because Slaf and Wright would have made the roster out of camp and Nemec and Luke could be 2 years away yet.
  14. I don't know how I want to feel....
  15. DevsMan84 is right, he's an RFA according to Capfriendly.
  16. Are we using this as the draft thread? We are talking about today's news across like 3 threads and kind of fragmenting the discussion.
  17. Oh, my bad. I agree.
  18. Why do you say this? He's only 24 and has never failed to put up at least 40pts a season(and that was in a really bad year).
  19. JFresh had me for a min:
  20. Rags traded Georgiev. Kuemper hitting the market.
  21. Has there been any indication of M. Tkachuck wanting to go to Ottawa to play with his brother?
  22. Rumors are starting to swirl with respect to Calgary because Gaudreau is taking so long. If Zadorov goes to market I hope that Fitz kicks the tires on that. He's 6'6 235. EDIT: I think this is Andy Stickland so take it with a grain of salt.
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