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  1. I don't think you get a steady sellout sized crowed here unless there are results.
  2. I dream of bread man, but it's probably just a dream even after what we've added.
  3. Nice, I wanted Moynihan.
  4. Moynihan still available?
  5. If I just got drafted into the best league in the world I'd also be pretty happy. Best day of my life....now back to reality....what do I have? Oh, right, nice iced coffee on a Saturday.
  6. I'm tracking on Capfriendly since TSN isn't tracking all the trade ups and downs.
  7. Super NHL video game trade inc. 15 4th round picks for 1 guy.
  8. Daniel staying away today.
  9. Oh nice, he plays for Loko Yaroslavl.
  10. Did NJ just make a pick and we didn't hear it. WTF?
  11. A little late on that announcement.
  12. What about the part where he reminds you of Duncan Keith?
  13. I imagine Dano running down to the draft floor waving his hands telling Ray it's too many syllables.
  14. Ray is on the phone again.
  15. Hopefully Dorofeyev(sp) guy doesn't go to DET.
  16. They're working the phones.
  17. Trade that sh!t-- just because it is more exciting lol.
  18. Don't be worried, it's totally worth it. It is just the human condition kicking in preventing you from being happy about something good. I agree on the JT Miller trade. EDIT: At least that first is protected.
  19. Sounds like a lot for JT Miller from a cap strapped team.
  20. Didn't Ray even CONSIDER the meme when he made that deal?
  21. Kind of wish Yavokvlev was staying now. Still don't get what happened there. What are the chances we see Maltsev/Talvitie this year?
  22. Philly getting Brink. Bastards.
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