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  1. Was it Colin White or Ken Klee? I remember Ken Klee made a fvck up against Carolina too but that might have been the Wallen OT goal.
  2. Stafford sure brought his typical game tonight.
  3. I expected that to go a lot worse. Oh ye of little faith.
  4. I am watching the Caps team. It's great. I will switch over for Erika though.
  5. A 5 on 3 against WAS. HERE COMES THE TANK BOISSSSS!!!!
  6. Where was the possession there for that whistle? The one a few games ago was borderline tho...yea...
  7. I just went and watched that sh!t and think I heard my remote breaking way off in distance.
  8. If Erika goes down too the feed is going to be getting muted 100 % of the time. No one else is worth listening to.
  9. I don't want to be that guy....but as long as Erika is doing alright, we're in good shape for game time.
  10. I think the amazing thing is that he looks at the goalie before he gets the pass and then doesn't look again until after the shot is released. He took the shot without even picking up his head and it was placed perfectly even after the goalie adjusted his angle to face him. He just fvcking knew.
  11. I definitely agree with you. I have watched enough Devils games, with non-physical D men that don't throw hits, to know that 99% of the time when a player enters the zone like that they are ridden into the boards and out of the play so they can't chase the dump-in. They aren't met head on shoulder to shoulder like that. Physical D men will throw more of a hit there, but it is still rare for it to be an open ice hit and not just a harder hit into the boards as the player entering the zone tries to maneuver his way around.
  12. Unless he needs surgery on the arm, it is 100% due to the way his head/neck whipped around.
  13. If you're gonna lose, lose in regulation. Losers. How have the last 3 games with an AHL lineup been so close? Wtf is going on?
  14. Video should read..."Thanks for the pick in 2022 Keith!"
  15. I bet Hynes will tell us that the Jackets outworked them. Outworked. Lol.
  16. Love the idea of this. Wouldn't mind seeing us head to head with the rest of the Met too, but it is pretty obvious NJ will come out on the bottom against every other team and confirm what we already know.
  17. Lol fvcking rat. I wouldn't care if he got hit by a train.
  18. We're all suffering here together. --I also just like to complain about Steve and Dano because these games put me in a bad mood.
  19. I just rewind the stream and still think that was enough to call it dead.
  20. Looked like he did to me. I've seen it called dead for a lot less.
  21. It's alright dude. Mueller will be back soon, so we can have Santini fill in up front for Nico. nbd.
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