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  1. How did he say no to all the free food?
  2. LOLLLLLLLLL Wtf did Jarmo put in the Koolaid?
  3. How it's probably going.... *Ring Ring* Fitz: Hello JG Agent: Hey Fitz, so Johnny really wants to be a Flyer. Fitz: Okay, so why are you calling me? I thought they didn't have the cap. JG Agent: They don't....can you help? JVR is pretty neat, only need 3 letters and everyone knows who you mean! *click*
  4. That was when they still had hope JG might stay. The situation is now different if rumors are to be believed but I am not sure if that makes it more, less, or no change on the price.
  5. I don't think so. It was a heel injury of some sort.
  6. I don't really trust them all that much when it comes to this kind of stuff. They can speculate but Fridge is the only one with an opinion I really value anymore.
  7. They were talking about NJ goaltenders on TSN and someone said Blackwood needs bounce back now after finally having the bunion taken off his foot LOL
  8. "Bratt negotiations ice cold after Fitz sends him the classic Navy Seal copy pasta. Requests a trade to Boston to be with BFF. e9" - Eklund probably
  9. Well if you are a liar at least you're consistent
  10. I think I remember you talking about him before while he was on WAS.
  11. If SJS is selling we should be asking about Timo.
  12. An awkward conversation between Fletcher and Gaudreau when Fletch had to tell him he wasn't worth the 2023 first to jettison JVR's contract to make room to pay him.
  13. He's dead to us now! Dirty rag!
  14. As we all know, Lou is big on making splashes in FA. He loves to bring in big names.
  15. Dreger reporting he is signing in DET. Another one where the news breaks well before free agency is supposed to have started lol.
  16. If NJ does sign JG and Jesper Bratt wants to keep holding out, Fitz can just give him the Guerin special and swap him with CGY for Matthew Tkachuk (this is a joke,... mostly).
  17. It's official, 4 years 5.125m per.
  18. Has someone posted this already? Guerin wasn't fvcking around...
  19. If they get him I think it will be a rather friendly deal, like most here were saying. At the same time, I am not sure JG is what they need. What they need is likely a real rebuild. I don't think JG moves the needle much further for them then maybe a bubble team.
  20. I knew you wouldn't take long to put up the middle finger.
  21. We need to get Dougie to call his old pal up and tell him how awesome living in NJ is...
  22. I don't doubt the rags will find a way, but they have 1 RFA and 7UFAs and have to get a goalie to split time with sh!tstork with 10M in cap. If you are going to spend 6M on Malkin why not just spend it on Copp? Either their depth is going to take a hit or they do their usual magic.
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