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  1. Good news is that Malkin is out due to injury a lot. Idk if you can trust this guy or not but if Malkin turned down 6MM for 4 years to go to market he's loopy and NYR can't afford that either.
  2. If there is any team that can get a 100pt player with max salary retained for cheap it is the rags. Yea, I'm bitter.
  3. Just saw Hawks fans discussing an unverified rumor on their subreddit about Kane. Unverified rumor is he is going to request a trade out of Chicago in the next couple days and the team at the top of his list is...you guessed it. Bright lights brah. He has full NMC so I think he has full control.
  4. All Lebrun reportedly said was a source told him the Devils considered trading the pick once Slaf was gone but they didn't have time. That could simply mean taking a inventory of all the options and deciding to go with taking the next best guy on the board. The only people that are spinning it to say that Fitz didn't have any plan, the team panicked, he didn't know what to do are fans that are reaching for any attempt to make him seem incompetent. Even Kent Hughes probably checked with the intern answering the phone at the table before he went to the podium to make sure someone wasn't offering him and arm and a leg for that spot.
  5. It was LeBrun and I wouldn't put any of them above stirring the sh!t for the sake of attention and clicks. It doesn't exactly take a massive leap of faith to say that NJ's guy was Slaf and they took the next best pick.
  6. https://variety.com/2022/tv/news/tony-sirico-dead-sopranos-paulie-walnuts-1235312355/
  7. Montreal: Takes Slaf first NJ apparently:
  8. I am not trying to be one of those people that looks at something like this and just claims it is flat out BS, anything is possible, but I have to believe that the management team didn't go into the draft with absolutely no plan other than Slaf was the guy.
  9. The Ottawa Sun reporter said there was a deal on the table for Tkachuk that involved the #2OA but Calgary is committed to re-signing him at this stage. I wonder if that stays the case for both him and Bratt if we do a swap. The only reason I could see Tkachuk not wanting to sign is if Gaudreau is gone though and if that is the case Calgary probably changes their trajectory quite a bit.
  10. In Moritz Seider information? Wouldn't that mean he's going to the Red Wings?
  11. Keith retiring. EDM gets cap relief and CHI deals with the recapture.
  12. TBF there is a crew here that would be unhappy with just about whoever is picked just because.
  13. @DevilMinderHas there been any consideration of a private sub reddit or moving to discord?. Both of those are free. I'll be honest, I have spent thousands of dollars on Amazon in the lat 6mo but I ALWAYS forget the referral link.
  14. I've always liked this guy and WASH thought highly enough of him to trade back for him after SEA took him in the expansion draft. I like the move.
  15. You're all wasting your breath here. Fans, TV pundits, NHL team scouts-- they're all right and wrong all the time. There is no crystal ball. No one knows. Some people look at the video and say elite and other people look at the same video and say David Hale. Y'all disagree, let it gooooo. K, I'm done.
  16. That is way too many syllables for Dano-- he'd never voluntarily agree to it.
  17. How can you bring up something like context at a time like this?!
  18. Not sure about this guy, but he says NJ offered the #2 for M. Tkachuk. https://ottawasun.com/sports/hockey/nhl/ottawa-senators/insider-trading-the-goalie-carousel-starts-spinning-with-plenty-of-trade-chatter
  19. Are you referring to the zamboni driver?
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