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  1. thanks for welcoming me =) i'm in section 118 yeah the centering is just my signature style i guess haha
  2. Jilllian9

    Niklas Bergfors

    Yeah I've heard he's awesome...I'm hoping to see him get some NHL action this year
  3. I grew up around Devils hockey, and it pretty much consumes every second of my life because I love it so much. My dad has had season tickets since I was born, and every year I love it more and more. I go to every game, regardless of whether I have a major test the next day, and my friends knows if theres a Devil game I'm not hanging out with them. Continental Airlines Arena has become my second home, and the NJ Devils have become my life. I've always wanted to join a forum to discuss the Devils, but never have, and I am glad I finally did! Hockey is just the most amazing sport, and I can't get enough of it. Unfortunately, I was never allowed to play, but thats ok because I enjoy watching it more than anything. I also believe hockey players are some of the nicest people ever to meet! NJ Devils hockey--it isn't everything, its the only thing.
  4. i would never wear a pink jersey, that would just COMPLETELY ruin the jersey! I also have a pink Devils hat that I wear because somebody got it for me, and its nice, but I do take a lot of crap for it...I'm told it ruins the whole Devils logo. I wouldn't consider it being 'insulting' to create the pink jerseys...maybe for a little girl to have her first Devils jersey small and pink would be cute, but no way in hell am I ditching my red, black, and white to throw on a pink jersey...I BLEED RED BLACK AND WHITE
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