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  1. it wouldnt have mattered im not allowed ot be on my phone at work. Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Buf
  2. god 2 giants in a row, what is this, bizarro-world? OH wait, its NJ Devs. in b4 Ayl drafts Eli
  3. yeah my picks wont come til mid-afternoon usually since i work in the mornings and dont check my phone til my break
  4. oops then ill keep jerrick mckinon or hgowever you spell his name
  5. Waivers: No Champ spot: No First dfown stuff: No IR: Yes Remove Kickers: No XP: NO
  6. is it time to panic that we wont fin ish in time yet
  7. don t need a 2nd QB til the bye week. and He's fine he had a contract dispute
  8. Is this considered a homer pick since Im an hour away from Oakland? Well w/e Sebastian Janikowski, K, Oak
  9. Matt FOrte....sure why not maybe he will get goal line touches or get traded somewhere
  10. Memories of the east side, Im closer to LA but, hit me up with Pittsburgh Defense
  11. Screw it, everyone is reaching right now so let me join in on the fun while I rage at Brian and Scotts picks cos those were the two guys i wanted. They showed alot of chemistry from what i saw...anmd the team is going to have a TON of garbageo time WR Corey Coleman, CLEAVE-LAND
  12. More upside, nothing to see here Derrick Henry, RB, Ten
  13. Going with a pure upside pick here. He might get goal line work Adrian P...P...Peeeeeterson, RB, NO
  14. James Harrison got fined 25k for your pick, and Bryant got suspended for another 5 games for you picking him this early
  15. Screw it. Its a few rounds too early but this is my "I should be okay for a few weeks until I find something better on waivers" picks. Darren McFadden, RB, DAL
  16. damn, was gunna take him. Contnuing the risk/reward Joe Mixon, RB, Cin Plus it gets my homer pick out of the way early
  17. nice to see the dolphins defense go in the first round
  18. If you think this is bad wait until it goes back around and he double-agonizes lol
  19. He's gunna analyze like 5000 other drafts as to which position of the two would be slightly better
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