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  1. i musta got lucky, i get to start my whole tema, none of them on bye that i actually need
  2. Ive got something ot say too..Im a winning team baby!!! ....for one week anyway
  3. But a guy who didnt even care enough to finish his draft, nor even bothers to do his team, does not deserve to win a game ever. This is just my opinion, but I adamantly stand by it. If there is not going to be a waiver draft, then at least bench his entire team.
  4. i am so down with this cos theres 3 and a half players I might want.
  5. Me too. Yes, the worst team in the league is trying to get in on trade talks
  6. but this is a really good sign. I could have had a shot against like half the league. Once I get steve smith back and my recievers like..learn to play.. I mgiht be somewhat competitive. im still fully expecting like a 2-11 season Oh. Die Frank gore Die.
  7. Im not saying that. Im saying considering hte pile of aids I was given when i took this team, I didnt get blown out by 48923409823 points like I expected to. Its only going to be like a 40 point blowout
  8. All things considered, I was pretty happy with my performance this week. Granted my opponent still has LT. If hasbrownie played and got remotely close to his predicted, id only be down 4 points at this point.
  9. First off: Dig the avatar Aylbert. Secondly: Doesnt matter ot me who does what, IF i can win 1 game this eyar, ill be happy
  10. 6 Words: Kerry Collins in Round One Beatches I think ever pick this guy took when he took them was a risk lol. As for playing the Laflamme card, yea dont play that card cos I already did the second I agreed to take this team. As for Julius. Ya'll will see hes gunna have a creer year and carry my losing team!!
  11. whos LJ?! Pft. I think hes overhyped. Especially with Hermie running that team
  12. just so you guys know LEft Arm Chad wa snamed Jets QB, and J.P Losman was named bills QB inc ase you wanted to pick them up
  13. Reggie bush is a huge gamble. If Mcallister goes downa gain, he could have a huge season, but if not..I dont see him getting alot of carries I agree with that, im changing my QB every 5 mins..Betwene the three I have, Alex Smith is way high risk, but hes playing Arizona. Delhomme is solid, but they're playing Atlanta who has a good D. And Brunell is also a gamble but they're playing Minnesota...so i have a dilemma!!
  14. I really dont liek Pats D. Too Many holes. I'd drop them and jsut pick up a 2nd D on Pitts Bye week (I personally took Buffalo to back up pittsburgh)
  15. yea thats why i referenced the risk reward factor, hes a big risk, but if he has a make year and not a break year the reward outweighs the risk. I do wish to wish all the teams good luck. Don't feel bad. Last year I chose Kerry Collins in the first round, pick 10. It worked.Until week 10ish when he started palying poorly then iw ent with VIck the rest of the season. I even ended up getting Edge/Westbrook as my 2/3
  16. im hopnig i get the risk/reward facotr in my favor with JJ. lol
  17. newp gunan hit it up tomorrow though. I wasnty home til late yesterday and today ive bene in and out of the house doing manual labor for free.
  18. Pft, I dont spoon money ya'll just hook me up even if I dont ask
  19. I be a friend of Crashers, I think. my group calls me FLamer cos my last name is Laflamme.
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