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  1. Fraser files for salary arbitration again

    Chill out, bro The main reason I, and im sure many other lurkers/people who dont post often, visit this webpage is so that I can easily view thread headlines exactly like this thread. Why does all Devils news have to be crammed into one mega thread making it tedious to sift through the garbage to view info like this? Thats primarily why pages like HFBOARDS are becoming worthless, because of giant offseason threads with over-used memes and unfunny inside jokes between message board bros. News about a member of the Devils filing for arbitration, on a devils message board, is far from a random thread. Cant keep up with all the conversations? bookmark the threads, dont want to know about Frasers arbitration? dont click on the thread.
  2. I liked what i saw from Davis last year. Seemed like a solid 4th liner. Im somewhat surprised that, of all the injuries, call ups/send downs we havent seen Zharkov at all this year. Anyone know why?
  3. What was the most influential trade in NJ Devils History?

    Since ive been following the Devils (1999) My favorite trade was the Langs and Nieuwendyk trade. Both of whom were two of my favotire players outside the Devils. I remember Luo saying the trade was to help with face-offs (Niuwendyk was one of the best, if not the best ever at face-offs) I loved watching him take draws, and i think the face-off is the most underrated play in hockey among fans. Anyway, Although Nieuwy was hurt for part of the 03 playoffs, Langs was clutch and I dont think the Devils win the cup in 03 without that trade.
  4. Rally to Restore Sanity

    For those who attended. How was it? Was sanity restored to the country?
  5. Josefson, Sestito, Corrente called up

    Im happy to see Corrente back with the Devils. Corrente would have been in the line up full time if the devils had the cap space to start the season. I liked what i saw from Sestito last year, looks like he belongs when he plays, good 4th line player. Josefson will replace Rolston I assume? Will be nice to see how he plays in his first NHL game. The way i see it.. Corrente > Fraser Sestito > PL3 Josefson < Rolston (has to be assumed until we see Josefson play in the bigs)
  6. Stars’ Ribeiro jailed for public intoxication

    Some conservative "keep government out of our lives" states dont have public intoxication laws, i figured Texas would be one of them.
  7. Stars’ Ribeiro jailed for public intoxication

    Is anyone else surprised that Texas, of all places, has a public intox law?

    I know you're being sarcastic, but I wouldnt mind seeing the bolded (non fatal of course) I've always disliked Pelley, with him gone, we could sign Mair, send down PL3 and Fraser and bring up 2 forwards for an actual forth line. PL3, Pelley and Fraser dont bring much to the table
  9. Viral Video Thread

    I like the fist pumps
  10. You got Jokes

    If you hate the Avalanche as much as I do, this video will bring more lulz then any joke, ever.
  11. Working the Devils on Labor Day

    Well, he managed to trash Newark and the area around the Rock, threw in an insult about attendance, and even managed to argue that Marty would have lost the olympics in the final games and only wins because he "pads wins playing against other teams’ backups, and catching teams on long road trips or back-to-backs" Apparently the Devils only bring in Brodeur to face other teams back-ups, and NJ never goes on long road trips themselves. He managed to fit all that in roughly a paragraph, in a "blog" about cap problems. The only thing missing was a rant about boring hockey and how the Devils trap. Im fairly certain that he intended to insert that into his sh!t pile of sterotypes about the Devils, but must have forgot when he became distracted, jacking-off to a Domi bobblehead.
  12. Difficult College Classes?

    Its just nerves. I was absolutly terrorfied when it came to taking my college level math course for a number of reasons. I've always been terrible at math, and for some reason I took it the last semester of college, with 3 other classes. Meaning, if i failed, i had to find a new place to live, get another school loan, find a new job, and spend another semester in a town 300 miles from my home for 1 class. Of course the first day of class didnt help, going over the syllabus of material which was completly foriegn to me, and to make things worse, I sat next to 2 chics whom, through conversation (failed attempt at mac'in), learned that they were both math majors who had failed the class the semester before. Then after the first few classes I realized that my fears were unfounded. It was no different then any other college course. Do the assignments, the homework, reading, studying, ect and its as easy as a freshman level "survey" class. I actually grew to love that class, and knowing that i sucked at math, did extra assignments on my own, the math problems eventually became challenging and fun, like a puzzle for the mind. Eventually i realized that it wasnt hard at all, it was irrational fear which left me thinking the worst after every test I would think to myself, "fail, i know i failed" only to return the next class and find that I recieved the top scores on every test except 1 (our teacher would show the top score, average, and lowest, without names, in a powerpoint)
  13. Have you ever touched the cup?

    In 04 when Fedotenko brought the cup to Sioux City. Maybe it will be back this year when Patrick Davis wins the cup this year with the Devils
  14. Rumor: Toronto interested in Langenbrunner

    Didnt Lou say shortly after July 1st that he would be making some trades that "surprised" people? Langenbrunner would certainly qualify as suprising, though I doubt thats who he had in mind, if anyone. Other surprising trades would be Colin White, Elias, and of course Rolston for the sheer surprise that someone wanted him.
  15. Most Underrated Player(s) in the NHL

    From the East: Jochen Hecht, Richard Park, Tim Gleason, Homer pick Zajac. From the West: The only team i really watch is the Wild becuase i have FSN North up here. Mikko Koivu is criminally underrated, and Nick Schultz is a very solid defender whom no one seems to talk much about.