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  3. um...random stuff
  4. Devs fans should be given an option to buy the remaining shares of the team, a la Green Bay.
  5. Thanks for the years Langs. He was always good to the fans too.
  6. britoon

    Rebuild or reload?

    Rebuild. Off load 80% of the team. Keep Parise, Travis, Kovy (of course), Tedenby, Greene perhaps. Go young. It'll take a few years but we can come back with a vengeance.
  7. Nice BSG reference CRASHER. I've been DVRing every game and getting my score updates from NHLmobile. If they lose I usually just delete the recorded game because I don't want to be pissed off for the rest of the evening. It's freed up lots of time!
  8. I am so damn glad hockey is back! LET'S GO DEVILS!!
  9. My favorite Devils coach. Burnsie, you will be missed. Remember 2003! That cup is for you!
  10. Aww...it was a cheap shot, kinda funny. But look at how many people use the great state of NJ as the butt of their jokes, honestly, I thought it was hack, but in no way offensive.
  11. Is this even a real dilemma? Parise. Of course. Duh.
  12. I'm in this camp. Despite the fact that Langs wasn't a factor in the playoffs, let alone the last half of the year. I really think it was a mistake hiring Lemaire. I was admittedly optimistic when I heard of the choice to bring him back to NJ, but I was aware of the facts. He was what, 7-8 years in Minny and they didn't have a chance at the cup? I'm glad he is gone. His system worked 15 years ago, not today.
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