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    This is the perfect time for the SBT to embark on a well-deserved sabbatical. 2000 posts. Assistant Coach status. Welcome to a new member. Farewell to an Ageless Member. Adieu!
  2. The window of opportunity has closed. There shall be no redemption. Alas.
  3. SBT


    Often I think of the beautiful town That is seated by the sea; Often in thought go up and down The pleasant streets of that dear old town, And my youth comes back to me. And a verse of a Lapland song Is haunting my memory still: "A boy's will is the wind's will, And the thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts." Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882)
  4. SBT

    Fischler 6/17

  5. SBT

    Fischler 6/17

    Hackett sucks. Let him go to the Flyers.
  6. SBT

    Scary Picture

    Why is the headless player's body facing the wrong way? The body should be facing the ball. Why the headless player's arms not raised in an attempt to get the ball? That's why the Nets lost. Headless players just not putting in the effort.
  7. SBT

    Scary Picture

    You know it's a brutal series when a player is playing without his head.
  8. SBT

    Morganti On Federov

    Hmmmm. Very interesting. Very interesting indeed.
  9. Hi all! Has anyone seen el chico? He seems to have disappeared.
  10. DR33, the SBT agrees with you. The Avs won't win the Cup next year.
  11. Here chico, chico, chico.... Where are you, son? As the Hasan4978 so eloquently put it: "Might as well take your medicine and get it over with."
  12. It's amazing what a 19-0 Spurs run will do to a 4th quarter Nets lead.
  13. Indeed, Has. Let this be a lesson to all you non-believers out there! The SBT is NEVER wrong. BOOK IT.
  14. Thanks Dr. D! Happy Day to you too. Speaking of Father's Day, the SBT has a question for ya. Who's your daddy? That's right. It's the S...B...T...!!!
  15. Has, have you seen el chico? He's been missing in action since the Spurs won game 3. El chico, it can't be that bad! Don't worry, no one here will hold it against you or consider you less of a NJ Devil fan. Just put a note in your sig saying that you're fulfilling your end of the bet. Has knows the conditions of the bet and can vouche for you.
  16. SBT

    Mets Baseball

    Simply disgusting. The very thought of boycotting his own induction in the Hall. This shows a complete lack of respect for the game and its heroes. But perhaps Roger needs a different perspective. Maybe he should ask Pete Rose how important the Hall is.
  17. SBT

    Mets Baseball

    Surely you must be joking.
  18. Has, rumor activity has been rising in the West. Reports seem to indicate that the Gracious One's sabbatical is nearing an end.
  19. SBT

    Straka On The Block

    Straka? How many freak injuries can one man have? The man is cursed.
  20. Sorry to hear about your accident. Relieved that no one was seriously hurt. Just goes to show what's really important in life. LIFE ITSELF. Hockey is only a game.
  21. Just ignore the "theys". Responding to them merely plays into their hands and fuels the fire for more disrespect.
  22. Henrik, eh? The only "Renberg" that the SBT is aware of is Mikael. Part of the former Legion of Doom line. Still, it's great that he's been able to play a couple seasons in his homeland. All Swedish players like to finish their hockey careers in Sweden.
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