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  1. Dadds3424

    2017-2018 Prospects Thread

    Yea buddy. Hopefully he can transition into the NHL or be valuable trade bait down the line.
  2. Dadds3424

    Cangilosi doesn't add much

    Its a hard job. Compared to other teams play-by-play guys I think hes above average with his actual play-by-play.
  3. Dadds3424

    Leafs fans bailing on Clarky already

    Well, the expectations were absurdly high and we all know that he is a good player, especially in Deboers system but he is only good, not great. Although, I would have rather keep him over Clowe. At least his brain doesn't have the consistency of mashed potatoes.
  4. I really like the optimism. How about Santini becoming the next Daneyko.
  5. Dadds3424

    RUMOR Jagr interested in Devils

    I like the idea of jagr on the team. He might be a good influence for the younger guys.
  6. Dadds3424

    2013 NHL Draft

    I wish his contract had more than 2 years left
  7. Dadds3424


    Hes 22 as well. I am very optimistic about him in the future.
  8. Dadds3424

    GDT NJ Devils vs Carolina canes

    Does anybody remember in brodeurs book when he said that he was sure he was going to get another goal before he retired. I don't know what point I am trying to make but I guess he can see into the future as well
  9. Dadds3424

    really random..

    I see you. Here's some tribe called quest http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIah18jcJko
  10. Dadds3424

    NHL.com First Power Rankings

    Well put. When he was brought to NJ I was a little skeptical of his play with all the talk of him being a selfish superstar who lacked defensive skill. I also questioned the move by Lou because it seemed to go against the grain of his team first mentality but Kovy has proved himself as a fantastic kool-aid drinking Devil
  11. Dadds3424

    OOT Thread

    The Minnesota game is making me sad
  12. Dadds3424

    First Goal '13 - Who scores it? (Poll)

    This board seems to have a lot of faith in Matteau
  13. Dadds3424

    Meszaros out indefinitely after Achilles' surgery

    The flyers need some D and we need a forward. Do they have any players that we could realistically trade for?
  14. Dadds3424

    Maple Leaf's Sign Fraser to One-Year.

    I dont think I would say he sucked. You must not have seen him carry equipment, he is a legend

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