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  1. Anyone care before I just throw these things in a closet and never look at them again?
  2. These prices are based on what I've sold similar items for so PM me with any further interest please. Daneyko plaque - $20 Daneyko 95 lithograph - $30 Elias plaque - $30 (will fix nameplate) Langenbruner - $40 (sold nearly identical Friesen for that much) 02-03 - there are 19 signatures so $5 each makes it $95 (not sure if I have a COA as this was a gift) *05-06 - same as above makes it $55 *Team Signed Jersey - discuss via PM only Neidermayer - not sure yet, have to ask my brother as it is not mine *Possibly completing a deal for these two items on the weekend but if that falls through I'll let you all know.
  3. I've had all of these in a closet for over 3 years so I figured that the statute of limitations on me feeling bad about not having these in the future is in the past. Yeah, yeah, I know the Elias nameplate is misspelled (I was a dumb teenager when I bought these so I probably didnt even look at it) but I can go get that fixed if anyone wants them. Feel free to post general questions in here and if interested feel free to send a PM. -Unclaimed -Unclaimed I was a STH from 2006 to 2012 so I acquired most of these at BBQs and other team events. Signed by: Stevens, Albelin, Rupp, Daneyko, B. Gionta, Clarkson, G?, H?, Pelley, J?, Parise, Brodeur, Maclean, Sutter, Lamoriello, Langenbrunner, Brylin, Greene -Unclaimed -Unclaimed 02-03 -Unclaimed 05-06: Signed by Matvichuk (24), B. Gionta (14), Paul Martin (7), Brylin (18), Kozlov (22), Sean Brown (8), non-numbers I haven't a clue -Unclaimed -Unclaimed 1995 Print -Unclaimed This is my brothers but he moved out years ago and left this behind. Authentic jersey + 95, 00, 03 Cup Final patches -Unclaimed
  4. For a bunch of scientists, they wrote that letter to look good either way. They're calling on NASA to not take a stance until the "science is settled." Which gives away nothing on their stance of whether global warming or climate change is man made, man affected, or neither. If the science is settled (whatever that statement means), they can say "Hey! we told NASA to hold off until..." or "Hey! Look how we told NASA they were wrong..." It's a mighty wide fence they are sitting on.
  5. James Neal's record in NJ as a visiting member of the Pittsburgh Penguins: 0-3 gfy Neal
  6. Greg Wyshynski @wyshynski Bettman on Devils: Helping owners sort out, team is stable. David Shoalts @dshoalts Bettman says NHL "is not subsidizing" New Jersey Devils but implied league is advancing money to the team from its share of league revenue. David Shoalts @dshoalts Bettman also said Ray Chambers is still the main co-owner of Devils with Jeff Vanderbeek. He's trying to get one of them to take over.
  7. If our debt/value ratio is let's say 1.1/1, the MOMENT we make a payment, then our value is higher then debt. Of course, making the payment is an entirely different story and I'd rather hear good news asap
  8. The PA wanted to discuss travel issues. Coming up with a schedule isn't something that can be done over night (or in 1 month) and since Atlanta moved to Winnipeg, you can't just take an old schedule, replace Atlanta with Winnipeg and do an analysis. These players travel 1st class to and from games and get paid to travel (per diem). If they were concerned about two divisions of 8 and 2 of 7...well, with 30 teams in the league, they will be uneven under a 4 division scenario no matter what happens. This negotiation is gonna suck.
  9. You know how you would feel at home vs the Habs and Rangers? If the Devils won the game. It's all about perspective. 5000 fans of a team that is WINNING will make more noise than 12000 fans of the team that is losing. Plain and simple.
  10. The NHL allowed amnesty buyouts going into this new CBA because of the institution of the salary cap. The player was bought out according to the salary but it didn't count against the Cap. Should the cap be lowered for next season by a significant percent, either player salaries are going to be lowered the same % or amnesty buyouts will be allowed again.
  11. Bumped for updating. Obviously the tickets are pretty cheap...
  12. Also, I take it this man Global Warming skeptic just changed his mind for the hell of it?
  13. When I listen to the song, I think, "yay! we scored!" not "oh boy, he was a kiddy toucher." Seriously. He doesnt earn a dime from playing the song which is why we stopped in the first place.
  14. The Devils signed that 20yr deal with MSG in 2004. I'm guessing it will run to the 2024/25 season. They are getting what, $20-25M a year in that deal? So, over the next 13 seasons, that's more $ than the amount of debt this team is in. Of course, the debt is due a lot sooner than they will acquire that money from MSG; however, it is something to keep in mind. Someone that buys the team will know there is guaranteed money coming in for a long time. Granted, for the next 6 or 7 years about 1/2 of the TV money "goes straight to Kovalchuk." I remember reading that 'small market teams' that are in 'big markets' do not want to be considered such for the purposes of revenue sharing. The Devils are in a big market but we are not a 'big market' franchise. We do not have NY in the name. The CBA renegotiations could impact the team favorably by a) allowing the Devils to be part of revenue sharing, b) lowering the salary cap floor (worst case in the selling/bankruptcy aspect) and c) potentially rolling back player salaries.
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