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  1. :puke: Steve C gushes all over Dubinski how cute I also love how HD show the jaundice via makeup he gives himself for every game
  2. This is the 1st I have ever heard it reported as an abdominal injury. Interesting since everyone including Jay has reported it as a ligament in his pelvic bone.
  3. HAHA Єklund (2.3% accurate) (2.3% accurate) is just toying with us devil fans Hockeybuzzz has a rumor saying Rumour: Could Phaneuf soon be a NJ Devil? Geez I hate bitter philly fans
  4. ok a bit off topic from the game but on topic for the broadcast Steve Cangalosi (SP?) really needs to cut back on the makeup on HD his face looks like a jack o lantern and his neck and hands are pasty white my buddies and I just have been laughing at him for the past 20 minutes.
  5. Diabolical

    0 - boy

    Looking at the teams the Devils have beaten this season looking only and the W-L columns of the 18 wins 1/2 are against teams with winning records. But the most interesting fact is of the 10 teams they have beaten only 4 have scored more goals then they have allowed. These 4 being Philly, Dallas, Mtl, and Boston and of those 4 only Dallas has an impressive differential over 10 at 14 more goals scored than allowed. With the devils even at 84 for and against. Granted Stats mean little when the games are being played but they often can give and idea of the quality of our opponents and are interesting to look at.
  6. Russian tycoon plans European competitor that will go after players http://www.thestar.com/Business/article/285910
  7. Whoever it was Wednesday sucked. My friend commented when he did the intro "what is the circus in town?"
  8. New Jersey Devils vs. Philadelphia Flyers Sunday, December 16, 2007--5:00 p.m. Prudential Center, Newark, NJ www.njdevilsticketprograms.com to order online. offer code mc121607 to get your ticket discount. All tickets must be ordered directly through the New Jersey Devils by 12/13/07.
  9. I like the creativity of your project. Don't be discouraged of the comments you have received. Ignorance runs rampant here more often than you would expect from a collection of adults. Nice to see someone use his studies to help focus on solutions rather than mire in problems Good luck hope you find some good marketing options.
  10. http://njmg.typepad.com/devilsblog/ Ras signs with Lowell TOM GULITTI Blog
  11. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=222731&hubname=nhl Bettman to host satellite radio show. Deputy commissioner Bill Daly and league disciplinarian Colin Campbell will also take turns hosting the show.
  12. Eh Some people here only post the sensational fact free things they find on the web. After all if someone typed it up it must be true.
  13. maybe we should start estimating how many drinks he has before he writes his articles or makes one of his infrequent TV or radio interviews during a game broadcast.
  14. The earlier start time is a problem when you consider most people get out of work between 5 and 6 weeknights. Leaving little time to meet up with whomever you are attending game with and make your way to the arena fighting traffic / get to your train. If I didn't take time from work I am not sure I would have made my way there before the puck dropped. The 13k represents tickets sold not bodies in seats. Isn't there 11 or 12k season tickets sold?
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