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  1. How about rewarding franchises who draft well. Make the salary cap go against players who are acquired through free agency and trade, but players signing with their original draft team do not count against any cap. Thus the cap stops teams from unfair spending on free agency and there will be more opportunity for dynasties again with teams having the ability to keep their own stars but are limited to how much else they can spend. Buffalo would be doing well. Pittsburgh wouldn't have to lose all their players in a few years. Imagine, the Devils can keep Elias, Brodeur, Gomez, Parise, White, Gionta without worrying about any of their contracts impacting the new salary cap. Makes alot of sense to me. Obviously, there will be some issues that may make it difficult, but it sounds to me like the league would do exceptionally well with this format. Opinions?
  3. The Devils will play 3 different songs after scoring goals this year. The top 3 songs voted in were Ole! by the Bouncing Souls, Zombie Nation by KernKraft 400, and Crowd Chant by Joe Satriani. I selected Zombie Nation. I'm not disappointed in any of the 3. If you don't know one, check out the website and select the song to hear it. http://www.newjerseydevils.com/2005/html/f...lsong/index.php Go Devils!!
  4. I have guides 87-88 to now, except 99-00. Can anyone tell me how to get a 99-2000 Devs media guide? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx. Go Devs!!
  5. seangodevils

    Official Roster

    Correction: My bad, Lowell doesn't play till tomorrow night, we'll have to wait till then on their playing roster.
  6. seangodevils

    Official Roster

    This is only guesswork but these are some guys who you might possibly see down in Trenton: Demoted to Lowell during training camp: LW Patrick Davis LW Mike Pandolfo C Chris Minard C Rod Pelley RW P.L. Letourneau-Leblond D Mark Fraser D Olivier Magnan G Gregg Naumenko No reports of transactions with the following players: I don't know where training camp invitees LW Tuomas Pihlman, RW Nathan Perrott, RW Benoit Mondou, D Nate Kiser, and D Eric Lundberg went. So, unless they've been released as free agents, you may see one of these guys as well. Along with the NJ Devils, the Lowell Devils open their season tonight as well. When we see what players play tonight, that may give us a better idea of who's sticking around and who may be headed to Trenton. P.S. I hope the Devls keep Scott Bertoli with Trenton after this season.
  7. Much better than having no identity like last year.
  8. It's brilliant. Period. It may hurt a bit to lose the conditional 1st rounder. But the way this played out is entirely incredible. Kudos to Lou. He dug his hole. But he manuevered his way into keeping his roster intact so far. Just can't deny the phrase 'In Lou we trust', pulled a rabbit out of a hat. Let's see what else transpires the next couple of days. Go Devils!!
  9. Thank you. Here's to wishing this salary cap mess works out the best way possible, aka: keeping the core together.
  10. Look forward to messaging with everyone from here on out. Also on espn board. Go Devs!!
  11. He may leave things alone for the weekend. So I'm guessing both Monday and Tuesday we see some type of transactions.
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