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  1. This schedule sucks for me. I have to travel for about every game. Here's hoping to the second round.
  2. I'd rather have the team feel hot going into he playoffs than not. A win wil do that. Play to win
  3. Personally I'd swap those two. Pens announcers are the worst. Remember when one got suspended for not showing the NHL that angle that robbed the flyers of a goal? I think it was a few years ago
  4. I gotta admit I was fuming at Marty after that Malkin goal but jeebus did he stand on his head afterwards. Amazing.
  5. Except when we beat them. Good games tonight
  6. Well played ... Well played. This felt like a tie more than awin. Granted. We got the extra point, but such a hollow point.
  7. How'd the devils do last year on 24/7? I recall a similar humiliation against the caps. We never seem to do well on national tv.
  8. Trying to find a place to catch the game in Bolts Country

  9. I'm less scared as this appears to be (through my rose colored glasses) as a team on their first game vs team on their second game
  10. Is there something important going on today?

  11. Wow, I was hoping for longer but at least they avoid arbitration.
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