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  1. Strongly Disagree here. Strongly.

    They are 2cnd only to Jack Campbell in Boston.

    I'd rather hear Sam Rosen - thats how bad they are.

    Personally I'd swap those two. Pens announcers are the worst. Remember when one got suspended for not showing the NHL that angle that robbed the flyers of a goal? I think it was a few years ago

  2. Єklund (2.3% accurate)

    there are rumors out ther that Lnbrunner may not go through wih St Louis...and could be headed to NJ...

    I meant to put a ? at the end of that. There are rumors the Blues deal with Langenbrunner may have fallen through...some NHL issue...

    :puke: :puke: :puke:

    he BETTER be wrong this time

    HAHA Strickland tweeted that the delay was Jamie was setting up his fax, not second thoughts. He said that rumor came out of "fantasy land"

  3. well dude, that's really nice of you and i mean it, i seriously can't stand stuckup members here or on any forum making fun of posters with a sloppy english.

    its laughable to see people making fun of someone who can speak 2 languages, especially if they can't. I mean its hard to argue that it means that that guy has close to twice the knowledge you have... kinda.

    i've seen old dirty socks with better manners than some folks on here, ridiculous. We're all fans of the same team here i think it would only make sense to be somewhat kind to each other once in awhile and stop trolling on stupid stuff like that? its alright if ur 12 and immature i guess... which would explains a lot too for some posters lol

    +2. I've stopped coming around as much because of this

  4. How do the Sharks get Havlat and easily move Heatley, when the Sens got dick all and had the biggest headache with him? Pretty funny.

    Reportedly a modified NTC or NMC, he had to submit list of 10 teams he WOULDN'T go to. Evidently the Wild wasn't on there.

    Edit: per Dregers' twitter

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