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  1. Et tu Insomnia?

    1. Pepperkorn


      me too... and the little gnat that kept landing on me all night/morning didn't appear to get much sleep either.

  2. Any idea on a release date for this? I imagine it's quite a bit in the future.
  3. Congrats guys on getting your own section, so says the emaiL i just got from the Devils.
  4. Feels cheap. But I'll take it. More mocking for my shark friends
  5. I'm in the same boat but with the sharks.
  6. Way too young. Such a tragedy. My thoughts are with them.
  7. Hate the result but that Datsyuk goal? Best of the year.

  8. I hope Detroit wins this series. I have friends to mock
  9. Lordy these sharks announcers are homers. Not pens level, but bothers me
  10. Another great El Clasico

    1. SS-SS


      Barcelona players are clearly better than Madrid players...not even a question.Real Madrid needs to start putting their money in the right places instead of buying players, they should spend the money on developing young players.

    2. Derlique


      sigh, the 10 men did them in, but i agree. No cohesion

  11. Again, I feel like then only reason they haven't started negotiating yet is because they don't know the cap ceiling next season. If nothing after that is announced then I'd start to worry.
  12. Lou's waiting to see next seasons cap. Just my guess
  13. Christ, not another Charlie Sheen thing. It's like a cancer invading my life. And no, don't tell me you can cure it with your mind or tigers paw or whatever.
  14. I'm assuming this is not sarcasm. Fight Club. I think it's way to early to say Taormina is a replacement for Greene.
  15. Damn Nordique fans... like the Gypsies of the NHL
  16. Why are there no mods in Chat tonight? We need someone to kick MrTheMike

    1. mrthemike
    2. CADevilsFan


      I blame the Mods for the loss tonight

  17. CADevilsFan


    Are they a little melty? That's the only way I like em
  18. Wow that was a lot of drinking... Happy Christmas/Holidays everyone

  19. Historical reference for the win
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