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  1. I'll be cheering from CA but kudos SH. I'll join in my next trip to the metro area
  2. Why are the good games always when I can't watch?
  3. CADevilsFan

    An apology

    You're a fvcking ignorant d!ck. What has happened to this place? Edit: On point, you stick to your guns Manta. Never apologize for your beliefs.
  4. I would think the Devils would want to get better on D, not worse. Plus they have no cap space once people get back from IR right?
  5. I haven't been on here in a while, WHAT BLACK MAGIC IS GOING ON HERE?!

    1. Dead


      I am going to New Orleans and perform voodoo rituals if the devils lose tomorrow.

    2. Quinn01


      I have a few voodoo dolls I have been working on.

    3. Dead


      I booked my flight just in case...

  6. Third game of the year I get to see... CMON DEVILS!!!!!
  7. Gonna be there with some Sharks Fans.... CMON BOYS! MAKE ME PROUD!
  8. They can't. He signed at 35. He counts no matter what unless they trade him.
  9. TH: Parise HM: Zajac TG: Taormina
  10. Also, some teams might just be circling like vultures. They know that the Devils will have to do something. Why trade when you can just pick someone off waivers?
  11. I'm happy its back but I can't wait to see what this team actually looks like at the start of this season.
  12. Yeah, definitely. Well, at least I think so. Edit: To clarify, I wasn't referring to what lead up to the donation just that it was long overdue I actually donated to DM.
  13. Not one of my finer moments, but it was long over due
  14. I see a couple future ex-Mrs CADevilsFan in that mix
  15. Assuming they do not get under the cap in time, Then the result would be forfeiting of games until they were under the cap correct?
  16. Did he say a Masticating Hit? Doesn't that mean chewing?
  17. We can try to move Rolston, nut where we HE agree to go?
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