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  1. Better to put it down early than see it devolve back into pirate/ninja stuff again
  2. CraigCustance Was told that Brian Rolston has not been approached about waiving his no-trade clause. 30 minutes ago Edit: Beaten by Puddy <shakes fist>
  3. CraigCustance Was told that Brian Rolston has not been approached about waiving his no-trade clause. 30 minutes ago
  4. Especially with that avatar. You need a white russian?
  5. DarrenDreger The NHL and NHLPA have extended the 5pm deadline to finalize agreement.
  6. Can we work on one for Parise before 5 and get that grandfathered in too? Who is he? Єklund (2.3% accurate)?
  7. But you gotta think there's a breaking point for him. A point where he just goes "That's it! Fvck this, I'm outta here."
  8. Temper it, but he hates the devils so much that it could be true. I doubt it though
  9. Burnsides Twitter: Further, source said deal is close. "It looks like we are close and I can honestly tell you everybody comes out lookin' good on this one."
  10. Dreger's twitter: Don't be surprised if the Kovy extension is extended on Friday, plus...it's a longshot, but there could be a rule amendment by the end of wk Cripes, just let it end.
  11. FriedmanHNIC NHL, NHLPA are trying to find a way to get this deal done. Interesting: league trying to find way to help Devils make a cap-friendly deal.
  12. Best.Idea.Ever. As the keeper of his curse/magic I vote we must do this
  13. My guess is that if this contract is rejected then Kovy gives the NHL the finger and goes to the KHL for a year or two.
  14. Per Dmitry Chesnokov twitter Edit: Beaten! Curse you Amberlite!
  15. CraigCustance: I was told, as of 5 p.m., that the league hadn't made a decision yet regarding Kovalchuk contract. Let's keep it going.
  16. I thought that this current one was the second actual contract submitted to the league. Either way, I am not believing any single source on this. Especially since if (N)Єverson did have the exclusive, he'd probably be yelling it from the top of the post building.
  17. Says it was updated today By MARK (N)Єverson Last Updated: 2:04 PM, August 30, 2010 Posted: 2:21 AM, August 25, 2010 Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/sports/devils/nhl_kovalchuk_deal_no_go_KFR7znSlKEoNvZeWOn9kKI#ixzz0y7gdOecB Edit: Rereading it, sounds like he's referring to this latest contract submission.
  18. There is no way Rolston agrees to Edmonton. I hate to say it but it's probably Zubs and Sal that leave
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