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  1. Well if they are 3 years for 9 million it's not hard to rubber stamp them. When something says 100+ over 17 years, that would take a little longer to go over.
  2. A Contract Submission between Kovy and the Devils. Plus a pissing match between Marty and DevsMan84
  3. Isn't part of the process putting the player on waivers? If cleared, that would have taken him off the books anyways. So either way, Huet was coming off the books.
  4. If true, the real fun begins... What will this team look like to fit him.
  5. I'm guessing because we have to ask... Not very
  6. Who do they use as a source? I can't read it and don't feel like shelling out the cash.
  7. And how do we trade Rolston? It's easy to say but actually making it happen would be hard. Devils would have to dump salary and not take on a contract, plus who would want him? Add to that Who would he want to go to? While it'd be great to trade away Rolston, it's not going to be easy.
  8. Here's to hoping this thing is settled soon. Though it should be interesting to see how much it is and what we have to do to get under the cap. How many players do we still need to sign anyways?
  9. This is still thread? Or too much correct punctuation? Thanks ben, I totally forgot writing that
  10. Asham is a Pen... Why won't he leave the atlantic? Per Kukla
  11. damn typos at 1:30 am, i meant shot

  12. Sarcasm... THAT'S ORIGINAL! YA RLY!
  13. You don't expect Lou to say anything else do you? Especially while negotiating a players contract?
  14. I have a long flight tomorrow, perhaps I'll give it a go...
  15. I think DiG would have write a parody of "We Didn't Start the Fire" caliber to catch you up
  16. My guess would be that Bloch takes all the time he has. But then again, who knows?
  17. Seems almost exactly like what is happening with Modano and Dallas. Dallas says goodbye and Detriot says HELLO! If he is healthy and can play more power to him Edit: damn typos
  18. Not trying to be difficult but arbitration doesn't normally happen in court. Also depending on whether or not they are using new York evidence laws or the federal rules of evidence, what is said in Arbitration is not usually admissible in a subsequent trial.
  19. Maybe he just doesn't want to be embarrassed when they lose
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