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  1. Because God hates me, I'm begrudgingly saying League on this one.
  2. I'll say you don't inspire hate like LD does that's why
  3. You got me sir, well played
  4. CADevilsFan

    Philly Fans

    That baby is one surly drunk....
  5. Are you suggesting they raise more than just barns?
  6. Perhaps it's the fact he would be too costly to move? Lou would probably have to include a first rounder or a good prospect
  7. So assuming that Kovalchuk's contract is valid, who would Lou be looking to move in order to get under the cap? Seems like that looking to move Rolston would be a first move for Lou. I guess I'm asking why do you believe that Lou would not even look to trade him?
  8. And for someone on a friendly board, you're kind of a jerk. The way in which you phrase it made it sound like judges as a whole are predictable. I do not agree based on the court rooms that I have been in and the cases I have read. While I used an extreme example to highlight my point, not to attack the credibility of you or your post. I disagreed with what I read to be your overly broad statement. No need to be testy.
  9. After studying law for 3 years, I cannot disagree with you more about this. I've worked in several DA offices and there are always judges that will blatantly make up their own law. Yes there are rules and guidelines but no they aren't always followed. That's why we have appellate courts. More on point. TG's Twitter
  10. I believe if Kovy loses then these options become available
  11. Best of luck Danis, hope youfind your way back to the NHL soon
  12. I was actually quoting a line from "In The Loop", I had no problem with the rar.
  13. More like difficult difficult, lemon difficult
  14. According to TG: The process of hiring the "system arbitrator" will start immediately. Process... Yeah I'm with tri on this one
  16. Per Tg Retweeting Daren Dreger DarrenDreger NHLPA just filed grievance on Kovalchuk contract rejection. 1 minute ago via UberTwit http://twitter.com/tgfireandice
  17. Thanks Damo! I was getting frustrated with Yahoo's lack of updates. Hope to see you in October Edit: Ha, I notice all the times are set to Aussie Land.
  18. Care to share about what's said for those of us across the country?
  19. So Manta will get this as his Kovy Jersey? Didn't he say that he would get one if Kovy resigned here?
  20. Per TG Well that's good, I think. Provided it's accurate.
  21. Hard to do that when the CBA allows it and you just set more precedents until they finally say stop. IMO, after last season with Pronger and Hossa, they should have just let it go until the next round of CBA negotiations. However, as it has been said on this board that would have weakened their position for the next negotiation. It's entirely possible that if this does go to the arbitrator and if the NHLPA wins then it would make for some fierce negotiations in 2012.
  22. Their standing is where the differences are between the already existing contracts and this one. Do any of the others front load this much? If so, how many? Do any of the other contracts have the player making the league minimum? If so, how many and how long are they making the league minimum? While I fully expect it to go Kovy's way, there are always methods and arguments to be made on why they would have standing to reject the contract.
  23. Well, the Devils won't. First, it's more like Hold on Boys, Kovy is going to Arbitration. BUt that doesn't sound quite as good,
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