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  1. I must have missed some drama here. As the exchange with Crasher did not suggest anything positive.
  2. From what I understand Crasher is done on this thread. If we Are having this league I think he is out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Has I really don't care. IF Sunday makes sense for everyone else, then do so.
  4. I could do Saturday night. Sunday is off limits from 7-11pm
  5. True, but if I stayed with my original strategy I get 35 points from Dalton. I changed to Flacco (20 points) at the last minute so I didn't cheer against my team.
  6. Rookie mistake last night. Needed to stick with the game plan (Dalton), instead I shifted to homerdome (Flacco). Lesson learned.
  7. Next year, I propose after round 10 the time to select should be abbreviated.
  8. Great Odin's beard did we suck. Technically, I should get first pick.
  9. Even if he comes back Week 4 he is going to be rusty and tentative. Ajai should be on IR by then too. I think the Eagles defense last year had the benefit of having a great offense under Wentz. I see them getting tired by the 4th Quarter (a lot of similiariites to my Ravens the past few years).
  10. Eagles are going to suck this year. They got lucky last night but they are a damaged lot before the season even started. Wentz out for the next several weeks is the icing on the top of the cake. Go Ravens!!!
  11. The NeoThrashers would like to pick in the #7 slot.
  12. We could finish this tonight!!! only 9 picks to go (jinx)
  13. I considered him after the success I had with him his first year, but he seems to be made of paper mache since. I give him three games before putting him on IR
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