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  1. I think Bergy & even Albelin would benefit more by playing full-time, rather than sitting in the press box.
  2. Oh well, I forgot he was on the team anyway.
  3. I thought Salom was exempt from waivers because he didn't play enough NHL games??? Where was this rumor from?
  4. Enjoy your pay increase and extended vacations Bobby!
  5. He made several good hits in that series. He was very physical against the Canes. No different than the SC runs the past few seasons. The only difference was we lost. But it wasn't Stevens fault.
  6. Scotty seems to pick his spots and saves his best for the playoffs. He did play physical in the second half, I remember a number of hard hit particularly against Philly. I concur, if he is hurt he should sit. I would like to see "Z" play more. But Scotty is still the anchor on D.
  7. MantaRay

    Zyuzin Out?

    So its pretty much agreed: We hold onto Z, unless we can get Forsberg....right? Is this REALLY Dano's last season???
  8. MantaRay

    Nhl Fanfest

    I concur Ms. Ally. By the way, LOVE YOUR AVATAR!!! Jimmy Mac, never looked so menacing.
  9. Claude is a special Devil, but he wore out his welcome here. The age of Danton is upon us! Lets move on!
  10. I love Marty Straka, but I would rather have a natural goal scorer, he is more of a set-up man. I would love to get Fredrick Modin out of the wasteland of Tampa
  11. I can't believe anyone is even considering cutting down on the playing time of a former Conn Smyth winner. I agree that Stevens didn't play well last season, at least early, but he came back strong in the second half and looked almost back to normal. He is still one of the premiere defensemen in the league and SHOULD get ample ice-time. If you think Rafi, Nieds and Tvo are going to provide the physical play on the back end think again. It having players like Dano, Scotty and Whitey that allows the others the opportunity to skate with room. Hale isn't ready to take the mantle of the next great Devils defensemen yet, nor is Stevens ready to hang up his skates. If he isn't at least +20 this season I would be surprised.
  12. How are they getting beat? I saw Scotty blocking shots and taking away shoting angles from opposition wingers and the same with Dano the first two games. Both players take away more offensive options for an opposing teams than anyone else in the league due to their strong positional play, rather than having to rely on speed. I would like to see "Z" spell Dano & Stevens during back-to-back games once in a while, but the Devils are not as strong without them in the line-up. Defense wins games
  13. MantaRay

    Zyuzin Out?

    Keep Z, he has too much of an upside to trade now, especially since he would garner much at this point in time. He could become a pivtol trade bait come March for an UFA scorer.
  14. Dano & Stevens are an integral part of the team why would Burns sit them? They are team leaders. The fact that we have the best 6 d-men in the game means neither one will be overplayed and the minutes will be equally distributed to the benefit of the entire team. What is the problem? 29 other teams would kill to have this "problem".
  15. I know the season is only 3 games old but: Let's see: Bobby Holik in 3 games is -3 with no points and 2 PIM's. Bobby is really turning things around in Ranger land and improving their team defense: 5 goals for; 11 against. Its good to see somethings never change.
  16. For all the hoopla about beating the Canes, people tend to gloss over that the Rangers had the second most goals against in pre-season, tonight was just another example about poor defense costing an unorganized team.
  17. MantaRay

    Devils Offense

    I think with the combination of the Devils team speed and the focus on obstruction calls this season you will probably see much more goal production from Gomer, Friesen and Gionta and maybe Jimmy Mac on the PP. Most teams probably can't match the SPEED DEMONS (TFP.com reference) and if Burns can get the PP going early in the season, the Devils will thrive. Hopefully, we won't be beaten to a pulp in getting those obstruction calls.
  18. If anyone is still interesed and didn't make the cut I started a new league as well: Yahoo Fantasy Sports League ID#: 64861 Password: gomez
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